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Welcome to Thane,

Thane(also called Thana) which means 'station' is a district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a part of the Mumbai Conurbation, northeastern suburb of Mumbai at the head of the Thane Creek. The first railway train in India ran from Bombay VT to Thane in 1853. The city is bounded by the Parsik hills and Yeour hills on the east and west.

Thane the city of Lakes has around 30 lakes. The most beautiful of them is the Masunda Talao, also known as Talao Pali. The lake offers boating and water scooter facilities. Some of the other popular lakes are Upvan Lake, Tansa Lake, Kacharali Talao, Makhamali Talao, Siddheshwar Talao, Bramhala Talao, Ghosale Talao, Railadevi Talao etc.

Famous Places in Thane
Ganeshpuri Temple

This is a small town near Bhivandi, about 40 km from Thane which is the residence of Swami Nityananda Maharaj. An ancient temple is also there with four tanks called kundas. The kundas are some 800 years old. It is more famous for its hot water springs.

Jawhar Palace

It is called the "Mahabaleshwar of Thane District", when compared in beauty and climate. And places to see are the majestic Dadara Kopra Falls, Jai Vilas, the palace of the tribal kings, the Hanuman and Sunset Points and the enthralling Shirpamal, where Shivaji chose to camp on his way to Surat. Jawhar also offers you the unique opportunity to expose and enlighten yourself with the tribal way of life especially with the Warli paintings.

Kashi Mira

Kashi and Mira are two villages in Thane Taluka located close to each other. The surroundings of the two villages abound in natural beauty and scenery. Just after leaving the check-post at Dahisar is an open surface with the backdrop of hills with zigzag paths leading up the hills. And it is this flushy background that has given these two villages the name "Kashimira".

Manas Mandir Shahapur

Manas Mandir is a beautiful place. Everyone should visit it. You would get peace of mind. All your wishes would get fulill there, it is in between vasind and asangoan. It is a must worship for all those people who can not go to palitana shri bhuvan bhanu jain manas mandir tirtha, is situated at post village savroli, in shahapur taluka of thane district of maharashtra state of india. It is around 85 kms from mumbai and 45 kms from thane and 30 kms from bhiwandi. It is the place where there is a large temple complex atop a small hill near the river running through savroli village just near the railway line, on central railway stations between asangaon and atgaon, about 45 minutes from kalyan station.

Salsette Island

Salsette Island is an island in Maharashtra state on India's west coast. The metropolis of Mumbai and the city of Thane lie on this island, making it the 14th most populous island in the world. This island is comprises of lakes, rivers and creeks.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj is known to most of the people in Maharashtra, India. He stayed most of his life at Shegaon, near Akola district in Maharashtra and has taken "Samadhi" there. His devotees have constructed many temples in different parts of Maharashtra. In every minor/major city of Maharashtra, one will find a Gajanan Maharaj Temple.

Shri Vinay Joshi , a very ardent devotee of Maharaj has devoted his own household property for the temple . Vinay Joshi conducted and participated in an 18 day padayatra to Shegaon from Thane along with five other friends/devotees. Vinay Joshi himself has moulded and painted the very attractive idol ( 2 ? feet )of Plaster of paris which is installed in "Kalpavruksha", his residence on Ram Maruti road.Hundreds of devotees pay their respects at this shrine and one is overwhelmed by the selflessness of the man , who has engaged a number of youngsters so that they do not swerve on the wrong path.

Talao Pali

Talao Pali is a lake located in Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is also known as Masunda Talao. The lake is surrounded by roads on all sides including Uthalsar road and Talao pali road. The lake is located about 600 m west of Thane creek and a kilometer north of Thane railway station. This is one of the recreational areas for people who live in Thane which offers boating and water scooter facilities.

Tansa Lake and Dam

Tansa Lake is a pleasant expanse of blue waters in natural settings of the sanctuary; a perfect place to shake off the stresses of the modern day mechanical life of the metropolis. Tansa Lake and Tansa wildlife sanctuary is in the Thane district just North of Mumbai. The migratory birds can be seen from September to March.

Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located 90km from Mumbai in Thane district. The sanctuary with an area of about 320sq.kms has around 54 species of animals and 200 species of birds in the sanctuary. Major wild animals are Panther, Barking deer, Mouse deer, Hyena, Wild boar etc. Tansa Lake flows through the sanctuary. Best time to visit is November -May.

Thane Creek

Thane Creek is part of the estuary of the Ulhas River in western India opening into Bombay Harbour. It comprises the area stretching from Mumbra Retibunder to the Mankhurd-Vashi Bridge. It has been recognised as an Important Bird Area by the Bombay Natural History Society, as it is home to flamingoes and several other migratory and wading birds. The stretch of the Ulhas River that turns north towards Vasai Creek is also mistakenly referred to as Thane Creek. The city of Thane lies at the head of Thane Creek.

Ulhas River

The Ulhas River is a river of western India. It originates near Karjat in the Western Ghats Range, and flows westward through Raigad and Thane districts of Maharashtra between Kulgaon-Badlapur, north to Ulhasnagar (to which it gives its name) and on to Kalyan, where it turns west to Thane. Near Raw water pump house of MIDC Jambhul the river meets Barvi Dam discharge water also called as Barvi River.

The conflunce is a tourist and fishing hub for villagers around. At Thane the river splits into two branches which flow west and south, respectively, around Salsette Island, on which lies the metropolis of Mumbai. Both branches are estuarine, and lie on seismic fault lines. The main branch turns northwestward to Ghodbunder, where it opens into the estuary of Vasai Creek. Thane Creek flows south to empty into Bombay Harbour.

Upper Vaitarana Dam

The Upper Vaitarana dam is located at a distance of 20 km from Khodala in Thane district and is close to Mumbai city. It is a nice place for picnic. This dam provides water to the city.

Upwan Lake

This is another famous weekend getaway of Thane. The clean air, quiet and peaceful settings have further added to the appeal of place. The area has been declared a pollution free zone by the district municipal authorities reducing the vehicular traffic. The TalaoPaliLakeof the city is considered the most picturesque and the most visited one too. Apart from these lakes, the city has umpteen Talaos, which translate to ponds. These are named on various Marathi personalities and names of localities.

Vasai(Bassein) Fort

In the ancient times, the Vasai Fort was known as the Bassein Fort. It was the headquarters of the Portuguese from 1534 AD to 1739 AD.Bassein or Vasai was an ancient Portuguese settlement located near the Thane creek in Thane district. The Bassein Fort was constructed in 1532 by Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat. You can see ruins of the Fort and the Cathedral of St. Joseph and the Churches of St Antony and St. Paul. The city walls are still intact. There are also decorative gateways inscribed with coats of arms and Portuguese graves dating back to 1558.

Other Places
  • Some Towns :chandanwadi, Brahmand, Kaasar Vadavali, Waghbil, Patlipada etc.
  • Some Lakes : Kacharali Talao, Makhamali Talao, Siddheshwar Talao, Bramhala Talao, Ghosale Talao, Railadevi Talao etc.