Tour to Sikar
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Welcome to Sikar,

Sikar is a district located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan state in India. Sikar presents a good many facts for the tourists. Sikar is a beautiful township known for colorful havelis forts, palaces and cenotaphs. Exotic, vibrant and offbeat, Sikar has slowly become one of the most visited tourist destination. It is escorted all around by the highwalls comprising of seven gates. The primitive name of Sikar was "Beer Bhan Ka Bass".

Places to visit in the city are Devgarh, Harshnath Temple, Jeen Mataji Temple etc.

Famous Places in Sikar

Dantaramgarh is 51 km from SIKAR located on SIKAR Jaipur road via Jobner. This village is famous for its strategic fort built by Guman Singh Ladkhani in the year 1733. The topography of the surroundings from the top of the fort is breaths taking. The forts of Danta can also be visited with the prior permission of the Thakur of the Danta.


Devgarh is 10 km. away from SIKAR on Harshnath road and famous for the strategic fort which was built by Rao Raja Devi Singh of SIKAR in the year 1787. This fort is worth visiting . There is no road upto the fort, tracking is advisable.


Ganeshwar and Baleswar both 15 km. away from Neem ka Thana on different roads and 80 km. from Sikar via Udaipurwati. Ganeshwar is a pilgrimage as well as a salubrious Picnic spot. The hot sulphur springs here is a major draw. A dip in the spring, it is believed, cures skin diseases. It is an ancient site. Excavations in the Ganeshwar areas have revealed the remains of a 4000 years old civilizations. Close by is Baleshwar, yet another worth visiting site, ponds and old Shiva temple is there surrounded by Aravali Hills

Harshnath Temple

Harshnath Temple is 14 km. away from SIKAR is an ancient site famous for the ruins old Shiva Temple (10th Century) located on the high hills of Aravali. The architectural display of the old temple is breath taking. There is an another Shiva temple built by Shiv Singh of SIKAR in the 18th century.

Jeen Mataji Temple

Jeen Mata is 30 Km. away from Sikar. There is an ancient Temple dedicated to Jeen Mata ( Goddess of Power) . It is said that this temple was built thousand years ago. Lacs of devotees congregate here every year in the month of CHAITRA and ASHWIN at the time of NAVARATRA fairs. There are a number of Dharamshala's to accommodate large number of visitors.


Khachariawas is 10 km. from Ramgarh, has a beautiful fort on the ground which can be visited while enroute to Jaipur. Khachariawas is native place of Sh. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat ( Ex. Chief Minister Rajasthan)


Khandela is 62 km. away from Sikar via Udaipurwati and 48 km. via Palsana . Khandela is a historical town surrounded by Aravali hills and can captivate the tourists towards its historical monuments like Bara Pana Fort, Chhota Pana Fort, Gopinath Temple, Bihari Temple, Nar Singh Temple, Charoda, Rashora's Garden and Bawaries which are worth visiting. Raja Raishal Darbari Captured Khandela from Nirbans in 1568 and established his rule over it.

Khatushyamji Temple

Khatushyamji is located 65 Km. away from Sikar and 80 Km. from Jaipur via Reengus. This little village is famous for Shyamji Temple built with white marbles. Ponds for holy dip and Shyam garden is worth visiting.


One of the most impressive forts in the Shekhawati region, the fort offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.


Raghunathgarh is 23 km. away from Sikar and famous for its fortress located at height of 3500 feet in the ranges of ancient Aravalies. The two forts were built by Rao Raja Devi Singh of Sikar in 1791. Raghunathgarh village is also a historical site and a worth spot for picnic. A good place for tracking.


Rambagh boasts of many attractions like the Shani Temple with its exquisitely painted frescoes. The Ganga Temple and a number of elaborately painted havelis are some of the other attractions of Rambagh.


Besides being a perfect picnic spot, Shakambari is also known for its 7th century temple dedicated to Sankari Mata.

Other Places
  • Some Havelis (Mansion) : Madho Niwas Kothi, Chhoti Lal Sagarmal Sodhani Haveli, Hira Lal Somani Haveli, Jiwan Ram Biyani Haveli, Bala Bux Biyani Haveli, BrijLal Ram Parsad Somani Haveli, Governdhan das Deen Dayal Biyani Kothi, Governdhan das Deen Dayal Biyani Haveli, Birdichand Gorilal Biyani Haveli, Birdichand Gorilal Biyani Guest House, Mangal Chand Biyani Haveli, Ganesh Naraian Moti Lal Biyani Haveli etc.
  • Some Cenotaphs : Devi Singh Cenotaph, Laxman Singh Cenotaph. Ram Pratap Singh Cenotaph, Bhairon Singh Cenotaph, Mukund Singh Cenotaph, Madhav Singh Cenotaph, Pokar Mal Biyani Cenotaph etc.
  • Some Temples : Lalolaw Balaji Temple, Gopinath Temple, Rathore ji ka Raghunath Temple, Digamber Jain Temple, Madan Mohan Ji Temple, Devi pura balaji Temple, Govind Deo ji Temple, Raghunath Temple etc.
  • Some More Places : Nehru Park, Bhagat Singh Market, Sikar Jumma Masjid, Fort and Places, Rani Mahal, Khatu Shyamji, Bawri(Stepwell), Maji Sa ka well, Clock Tower, Jubilee Hall, Ganga Sagar, Ganga Temple, Bara Talab (Madhav Sagar), Maroo Park etc.