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Welcome to Rohtak,

Rohtak is a district in the Indian state of Haryana. Traditionally, it is named after Raja Rohtash in whose days city is said to have been built. It is also claimed that the town derives its name from the Roherra (Tacoma undulate) tree called Rohitaka in Sanskrit. It is said that before the town came into existance, it was the site of a forest of Rohitaka trees and hence its name became Rohtak. The city can feel proud for having one of the highest number of dairies in India and Asia's largest cloth market. The Rewri and Gajjak (both Indian Sweet) of Rohtak is famous all over India as well as many places in abroad.

Durga Bhawan Mandir, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, Tilyar Lake, Bhindawas Lake, Mahem are some near by attraction in the district. The natural beauty and calmness in the district are quite relaxing that one can spend holidays here.

Famous Places in Rohtak
Asthal Bohar

Asthal bohar is stuated 6-7 Km east of Rohtak city on Rohtak-Delhi Road. The place is known for its math(cloister) and ancient finds sculptured stone idols. According to a legend, Pooran Bhagat of Sialkot and disciple of Guru Gorakhnath, came hare and founded this place. After being neglected, the Math was revided in 1791 or so,when Baba Mast Nath came here. Now here are Ayurvedic Degree College, Free Hospital, Business Management Institute, Engineering College and other institutions being run by Math.

Bhindawas Lake

The Bhindawas Lake, home for thousands of birds and officially a wildlife sanctuary since 1985. Spread out over an area of over 1,000 acres, Bhindawas is the largest wetland of Haryana. The lake covers 12kms of land, which was used for crop cultivation.

Durga Bhawan Mandir

Durga Bhawan Mandir is one of the famous temple in Rohtak. It is the temple of 'Goddess Durga' which is the Hindu Goddess. The carving and sculptures are quite captivating in the Rohtak.

Gokaran Tank

An old, mythical tank called Gaokaran tank is a complex of structures and includes temples of Shiva, Devi and Hanuman in addition to a dharamshala and a park close at hand.

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

This Gurdwara is dedicated to the Ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji. He came here in 1675 while going from Jind to Delhi. He stayed at this place for a few days. A well that existed at the time of his visit is also present but has been filled up now.


The ruins of the ancient town at Khokrakot prove that perhaps the town is as old as Indus valley Civilization as the Minar finds at Khokhrakot are typical of Indus Valley sites.

Clay mounds of coins discovered at Khokhrakot have thrown important light on the process of casting coins in ancient India. The coin moulds of the later Yadhyayas of the 3-4 century A.D. have been discovered in large number here of the same and subsequent dates are several cly sealings. A Gupta terraacota plague and a head of later date have also been discovered.


Meham is an ancient village in Rohtak District. It has connection with 'the Mahabharat Era'. Initially it was known as Mehamadabad and later become famous as Meham. Present city is developed on remains of thrice destroyed ancient 'Mehamadabad'. Meham is located on a small mountain like (high) place. It's famous that this city have been destroyed thrice by foreigner attack. Ancient monuments in the town includes a bain or baoli(well with steps leading to it) and two mosques i.e. jama Masjid and Pirzada Masjid. The baoli is having 101 steps and has suits of rooms neer the well. An inscription on a marble slab records the fact that it was made by Sidu, a chobdar in A.D.1656-57. It is made of Kankar ( Gravel) and sand stone.

The new baoli is towards the south of the town, while the old one is towards east. the jama Masjid,was constructed in the time of Humayu in A.D.1531, as seen from the inscription under the pulpit stairs. The pirzada Masjid is a small Masjid towards south of Jama Masjid. The Jama Masjid in Meham has now been turned into a gurudwara for the Sikhs in true secular fashion.


Myna tourist resort lies in the town of Rohtak. Renovations and modern structures have brought exclusive tourist facilities for residents. 2 km out of Rohtak town.

Splash Water Park

Splash Water Park is nestled in natural beauty with a backdrop of cooling shelter of trees. An idyllic hideaway, SPLASH offers matchless excitement and promises a whole lot of fun time with water slides, stimulated Rain Dances and Wave Pool!! It brings you a variety of ultramodern water slides and rides that enthrill you and dips you in ecstatic Splash experience. A polloution free atmosphere combined with international standards of safety provides absoloute privacy to couples and family and is a suitable venue to spend some quality time with your loved ones!!

Tilyar Lake

Tilyar Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in the Indian state of Haryana. It is an important picnic spot in Rohtak District of Haryana. The lake lies in a 132-acre area and forms an integral part of the tourist setup, making it one of the greenest stretches in the adjoining area. The spacious lawns and the scenery on view make this resort a great place to relax. It is also an excellent spot for watching a variety of birds that flock on the little island located in the middle of the lake.

The lake forms an integral part of the area making it one of the greenest stretches. There is provision for adventure sports such as kayaking and boating, which attract a large number of tourists, especially on weekends and holidays. Other facilities on the banks of the lake include a rest house, gift shop, angling in the lake, children's park, and a filling station.

Other Places
  • Ghani Pura Gurudwara, Jagdish Mandir, Bajrang Bhawan Mandir, Shiv Parvati Mandir, Baba Laxman Puri Ji Dera etc.