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Welcome to Panchmahal(Godhra),

Panchmahal(or Panch Mahal) is a district of Gujarat located in the eastern part of the state. The district head quarters are located at Godhra. Panch Mahal means "Five Palaces" from the district namely Baria, Jambughoda, Lunawada, Santrampur and Champaner. Famous food of the people of Godhra is Maize Bread, 'Makai No Rotlo'.

Champaner, a UNESCO World Heritage site is located in this district. Pavagarh hosts a temple of Kalika mata, whose holy shrine attracts thousands of pilgrims throughout the year.

Famous Places in Panchmahal(Godhra)
Hot Water Spring

Godhra is known for the natural hot water spring that contain sulphur which is said to have medicinal value. This is located in Tuwa and many people visit this place for taking bath in the hot water. Saint Sharbang and Lord Ramchandrari are believed to have stayed in an ashram located near the place.

Kanelav Talav

It is a nice pond set in a scenic setting, has offered refuge to generations of Godhra residents. It has beautiful scenery and a check-dam. Rotary Club Godhra have developed, with the help of local institutes and organizations, beautiful infrastructure at Kanelav, popularly known as Kanelav Picnic Point.

Places of Worship

One of the religious places in India, Godhra has four temples for Vaishnav Sampraday (Vaisnal community), two temples for Lord Gokulanathji, and one each for Lord Gusaiji and Lord Mahaprabhuji. The place named Rathanpur, located to the south of Godhra is known for its splendid 14th century temple with its sculptures and a beautiful arch.

Of the three beautiful Jain temples, the main temple has Tirthankar Bhagawan Shantinath as the main idol. Ramji Mandir and Kalka Mata temple both remnants of Scindia's regime, the Swaminarayan temple, the Gokulnathji temple and the Ankleshwar Mahadev temple are the other temples located in the town. On Janmashtami day, a fair is held at the Ankleshwar Mahadev temple.

Godhra is a pilgrimage place for the followers of the Datta Sampradaya as it is the birth place of famous saint Rang Avadhoot of Nareshwar. Other places of worship in Godhra are the Old Methodist Church, the Jhakurkhan Ara Masjid and the Bohora Masjid.

Ram Sagar Talav

It is another pond in the center of the town offers an additional focal point that serves as a place to relax and socialize. Ram Sagar Talav has been divided into two parts, and only a small drainage links them. At its center is landscaping where a statue of Sri Swami Vivekananda has been erected.

Other Places
  • Towns and Villages - Halol, Kalol, Limkheda, Lunavada, Shahera, Vejalpur etc.