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Welcome to Ooty(Ootacamund) Hill Station,

Ooty, also known as Ootacamund, is the Queen of hill stations and the capital of Nilgiris district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in India. Nilgiris means Blue Mountains. Ooty is also a land of picturesque picnic spots. It is situated at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level. Udagamandalam is the tamil name of this hill station. Today the town's economy is based on tourism and agriculture, with manufacturing of medicines and photographic film also present.

One can notice a marvelous change in vegetation, as one goes from Kallar to Coonoor. The establishment of numerous tea estates made Ooty famous. Lofty mountains, dense forest, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of tea gardens greet the passengers on most routes. The annual Tea and Tourism Festival attracts crowds in huge numbers to visit the place and have a great time in this wonderful place. The environment is so wonderful that is invites a lot of tourist attraction who come here to enjoy a wonderful time with nature while staying close to huge landscape.

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Adam's Fountain

This, which is a memorial to a Governor who made himself in every way popular during a brief tenure of office terminated by his death at Ootacamund, was erected, by public subscription, some time in 1886. It was at first intended to place it in front of the market, but it was subsequently decided that the site in front of the Collector's Office was better, as being a more public place. It having been found, however, that there was not a sufficient head of water at this point to allow of the fountain playing freely, it was, at the end of 1898, moved by the municipality, to its present position, which is that formerly occupied by the old mealnoxylon tree that used to mark the centre of "Charing Cross".

Annamalai Ashram Temple

Anna-Malai means Food Hill. Good food gives Health. Good Health provides pure mind. Only a pure mind can attain Moksha. For the last 30 years on the day of Krithigai, Annamalai Hill supplies free food to thousands of people every month. A Hindu believes that if he feeds a single sage or Mahatma, he is feeding the whole world. A Hindu distributes food to the crows, cows, and fish first before he takes his food. He knows in loving others he loves himself. If Hindus sees a hungry man in the street, they will take him to their house and treat him as a God in form of Guest, they feed him first and then take their food. Nowhere in the world you will hear of such a treatment. You cannot get even a morsel of food free in other countries.

At the Annamalai Ashram Temple founded by Guru Krishanandaji , people of all classes, castes and nationality do "Anna-Dana" to the people who come for worshipping Lord Muruga during Karthigai days every month. There is a waiting list of over hundred people to do "Anna-Dana". Annamalai Hill Top is a calm, serene and picturesque location with pure fresh air surrounded by green tea estates planted with silver oak trees making it a suitable and congenial place for practicing meditation.

Kavadi Festival is celebrated here. A floating participation of over 70,000 devotes are reported on this day.

Bellikkal Lake

Bellikkal Lake is a beautiful water feature that has some great views to offer. Fishing here may not be a good idea since this lake is a popular watering hole for a variety of wild animals. Elephants can be frequently seen getting a drink early in the morning or right at dusk here. Tigers, bear, bison, and deer are all possible animals that could be sighted as well. A wide variety of birds also like to frequent this lake. It is not uncommon to see such birds as bulbuls, shrikes, morning doves, crow pheasants, drongos, and wood peckers.

Bison Valley, Bellikkal

Bison Valley acquired its name from the Indian bison that roam throughout the area. Impressive views of cardamom forests are possible from this beautiful valley. Beautiful greenery exists in almost every place that you look.

A wide variety of wildlife inhabits this valley. The wildlife includes such animals as bears, bison, deer, tigers, and elephants. Taking leisurely walks on the numerous pathways that meander around the valley are a popular pastime for tourists. Mountain biking and trekking are also popular activities to participate in. Bird watching is another popular activity in Bison Valley. Such birds as woodpeckers, drongos, morning doves, shrikes, and bulbuls can be seen in the area.

Cairn Hill

Cairn Hill in Udhagamandalam (Ooty) This hill is situated about 3 kms on the road to Avalanche. It is one of the few surviving original walks. The entrance road to the hill is bordered by dense cypress trees. It is also a good picnic spot. The chirping of birds in the shrubs breaks the silence of the cypress woods here, which is unforgettable experience for any visitor.


This is situated about 17 kms from Ooty. Coonoor is at an altitude of 2000 ft and is the first of these hill stations. Coonoor is a small town with a composed climate that has made it popular. The main attraction here is the Sim`s Park. This is a well-maintained hill station and contains several types of plants, which cannot be found in other hill stations.

Some other important view points, picnic spots and places of tourist interest in Coonoor are the Lamb`s Rock, Lady Canning`s Seat, Dolphin`s Nose, St Catherine Falls, Law`s fall, Rallia Dam, The Droog, Pomological Station, Kalian Agricultural Farm, and Burliar Agricultural Farm.

Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills, at 2637 meters (8652 feet). There is a reserved forest area around the peak. It is 35 km north of Ooty,on Ooty-Mysore Road in the Nilgiris District. It is a popular tourist attraction with road access to the summit. The Chamundi Hills can be viewed from the peak.

here is an observatory at the top of Doddabetta with two telescopes available for the public to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the whole district.

Dolphin's Nose

If the name is not amusing enough for you, you can come down to this very Dolphin's nose and have a good time, enjoying games and an outdoor picnic. The Dolphin's nose is a great vantage point that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. If it is clear day, you can even see the Catherine falls from here.

Droog Fort

Droog Fort is located in the area surrounding Coonoor. Getting to this fort does take some physical exertion since trekking must be undertaken to get there, but the hard work is definitely worth it. This old and worn out fort is located 6,000 ft above the plains. Today, only a wall remains of this military outpost. Tradition says that this fort was used by Tippu Sultan as an outpost. With such an impressive location that allowed the fort to command impressive views in all directions, no wonder it was used as an outpost. In order to get to this site, you must travel through the Nonsuch Tea Estate. Droog Fort is also referred to as Bakasura Malai. This name links it to the legend of a local demon, Bakasura.

Elk Hill Murugan Temple

Elk Hill Murugan Temple is situated on Elk hill, which is one of the picturesque hills located at Ooty in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. This temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga. Devotees throng this temple during the months of January and February for the Thaipusam festival. They carry with them brass vessels filled with milk, which is meant to be offered to the lord. Some of them also carry the 'kavadi' (palanquins), which is decorated with flowers, peacock feathers and brass bells.

Elk Hill also houses various resorts.

Emerald Lake

Emerald lake is a wonderful lake in the upper plateau region of the Nilgiri hills. It is a part of the silent valley and is beside the Red hill nature resort which is a best picnic place of the region.

The site of the lake is wonderful and one would definitely love being at that place. One would hold one's breathe by looking at the wonderful sites of the nature and fun is to the fullest. The chirping birds and ducks and other swimming creatures add beauty to the place and the sun set and sun rise is also spectacular here. There is tea plantation in the suburbs and one can enjoy different flavors of tea, fresh and fine.

Fernhills Palace

Situated at about 6000 feet above sea level Fernhills appears to float towards the clouds, the early morning sun burning off the dew. An occasional mist wisps away and the shimmering palace boldly reveals herself to the world. Radiating a history laden with romance and chivalry, an epoch that began at the height of the British Raj, a legacy that is vibrant and alive today.


At 25 km North west of Ooty is situated Glenmorgan which was then very famous for the Tea estate. The Glenmorgan tea estate is one of the oldest estate of the place and it was there even before the Pykara Hydro Electricity scheme was taken up for execution. The beautiful lake at the foot of this estate constitutes the fore bay for the Pykara power house which is above 3 km down the hill at Singara. The Pykara power plant is the highest plant so far installed in the whole of Asia and is situated at a height of 938.78 meters. There is a haulage way (Mechanical Rope Way) leading to the power house and it takes nearly one hour to go by the trolley from the Glenmorgan head works to the power house at Singara.

The Incline near the German point is so perpendicular that this stretch of the track, have, to a length of 300 meters, makes difficult ascent and descent. The Inclination is 41 at this point and the total length of the haulage is 3000 meters. A trip to Singara by the Haulage is certainly a thrilling experience. Rest houses are available both at Glenmorgan and Singara for the use of the Officers of the Electricity Board and also for other visitors.

Government Museum

Government Museum At Ooty has items of tribal objects, district's ecological details and representative sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu. It was set up in 1989, with a view to provide education benefits to the residing and visiting population of Nilgiris district.

Hidden Valley, Coonoor

The Hidden Valley is in the region that surrounds Coonoor. This valley is known for being both impressive and beautiful. Access to this valley is not readily available. Instead, it is necessary to trek to this particular valley. The green, lush landscape combined with the breathtaking mountain views make this trek worth all of the physical exertion. The valley is fantastic when you get there, but half of the fun and enjoyment come from the actual trekking experience. Fabulous views abound as you make your way toward the Hidden Valley. You will not regret for on minute that you choose to take on this excursion.

Hindustan Photo Films(HPF)

The HPF, one of the major industrial units ot the district, is a public sector enterprise. This unit is located (about 5Km away from Ooty railway station) over a sprawling area of over 300 acres,near the Ooty golf-links on the Ooty- Mysore road.

The HPF was inaugurated by Mrs. Indra Gandhi, Prime Minister, in January, 1967.This industrial unit is currently producing Indu roll films which are used for taking photographs; Indu X-ray films, the quality of which is acknowledged to be among the best in the world; Indu bromide paper on which photographs are printed; and Induaerographic for geological and defence mapping, industrial X- ray film, laser recording film, CAT film, special film for space photography, oscilloscope direct printpaper, photo type setting paper and range of chemicals for the film processing.

Holy Trinity Church

Churches are ubiquitous with Ooty, but the one that forms an important cultural representation of the city is the Holy Trinity Church. Rightly marked as one of the oldest landmark of the city, the church is Tudor is appearance and is marked by stained glass windows, intricate carvings and quiet cemeteries.

This church gained its recognition way back in the year 1858 and since then it has been a place of holy sojourn. Earlier the premise of the church was used for prayers only on Sundays. The famous Tamil scholar and translator, George Uglao Pope, is known to have been a part of this church since its inception. One can even find some of his work serving as Chaplain during the years 1958 and 1959. At present around a congregation of 700 families are connected with this holy abode. If you are planning a visit to Ooty, then visiting the Holy Trinity Church is an inevitable option.

Honey and Bee Museum

'The Honey and Bee Museum' is a novel project at Ooty by the NGO, Keystone Foundation. It depicts information on indigenous honey bees and traditional indigenous tribal people who harvest them. It also has a children's activity room and a small knowledge resource unit on bees, environment and people. The Bee Museum is first of its kind focusing on traditional knowledge and practices. The museum aims to be a vibrant space with live demonstration units of bees, specimens and tools - both traditional and modern used in beekeeping and honey gathering.

Jain Temple

Besides the multitudinous tourist attraction, there is no dearth of pilgrim attractions in Ooty. One of such popular pilgrim places to visit in Ooty is the Nasiyan Jain temple, located on the Prithvi Raj Road. The temple is dedicated to the first Jain Trithankara, Rishabhdeoji.

Though the construction of the temple began in the year 1864, it was opened for public only in the year 1895. Thousands of tourists flock here every year to not only pay homage to the revered but also to explore the museum situated alongside the temple. This temple is revered most by the Digamber sect of Jains and is gaining immense popularity among the followers of other sects as well.

Kalhatti Falls

Kalhatti Falls is about 13 Kms. from Ooty on Sigur Ghat Road. This is a beautiful picnic spot where the height of the falls is about 120 feet. Buses are available upto Kalhatti village on the 6th mile on Sigur Ghat road and one has to cover the next two miles by foot to reach the falls. Nevertheless, the falls is connected by a motorable road. It is ideal for persons fond of Hiking, Bird Watching and Trekking.

Kamraj Sagar Lake

Kamraj sagar lake is a dam and is located in the suburbs of Ooty. It is situated far away at a distance between the woods and greenery all around and hence is a great picnic sport for the people. There is a wide variety of herbs and shrubs available in the terrain and is a good sport for picnic as well as it has been a great sport for the people to capture the scenic beauty in the camera. Several good movies are shot in the neighbourhood on the open roads and on the slopes of the Wendlock sagar.

The waters are highly cold and one can have good experience fishing in the place. Fishing industry has flourished there and the chief food available is fish and rice, and one can stuff ones belly in all varieties cooked from the fish.

Kandal Cross

Kandal cross is Roman Catholic church located in Nilgiri and is the best church for the Nilgiri Catholics of the place. It is considered to be the Holy Shrine of the place. It is also the Calvary of Tamilnadu and is located near Udhagamandalam.

It is renowned place for the people of the region and is well known for the wishes of people coming true. That is what the belief of the people is and is known for curing the ill, blessing the people and wishes coming true. People light the candle in the church and wish something from the bottom of their heart, with the great hope of it coming true. It's a great pilgrim place where sacred prayers are always offered on Friday evening.

Ketti Valley

Ketti valley is a small village developed in the valley region of the Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil nadu. Ketti valley is a valley, which stays to be 7000 feet deep inside the mountains near coonoor. The climate is wonderful and it stays to be good enough all year round. The temperature fluctuations in the year are not much and it stays in the range of 25 to 21 degree centigrades.

There are different tea plantations available in the region and tea plantation was firstly introduced in this particular region in southern India. The village is wonderful and it goes to sleep early and follows the old traditional approach of life, which is indeed wonderful.

Kodanadu's View Point

Kodanadu is about 16kms from Kotagiri, and is situated on the eastern edge of the Nilgiri range. It is a great vantage point that offers a breathtaking view of the Moyar river and the tea estates. There is a watchtower here that offers a view of the Rangasamy peak.


East of Ooty, is a little village of kotagiri, which is about 28km from the popular hill station. Kotagiri is the oldest one of the three hill stations in the Nilgiris. It is not as popular as the other two, Ooty and Coonoor, yet it is said that it probably has the most pleasant weather among the three of them. It is a beautiful hill resort that has wonderful tea estates and is definitely worth a visit.

Lake District, Red Hills

India's Lake District is found near Red Hills where the numerous rain-filled reservoirs make for an impressive and incredibly beautiful landscape. In fact, there are 8 separate lakes in the area with each being remarkably beautiful in its own right. The scenic blue lakes are Emerald, Upper Bhavani, Avalanche, Porthimund, Parson's Valley Lake and Western catchments numbered 1, 2 and 3. The tourists can try out some fishing in these lakes. Carp and trout are plenty in these majestic lakes. One can spot many bird fauna over the lakes as well.

Numerous tourists visit this area every year in order to experience the majestic and natural beauty created by the water of the area. The Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo is also found in the Lake District. Many exotic animals that are native to the area such as the famous Bengal tiger, elephants, and monkeys can be seen at the zoo.

Lamb's Rock, Coonoor

Lamb's rock is an excellent picnic spot near Coonoor. It is a point on the way to Dolphin's Nose. It was named after the man Captain Lamb who tried in earnest to open a path to that particular point. With such a view, no wonder this man put forth such a valiant effort to reach the point. The rock is a jagged cliff that drops down several hundred feet to the lush jungle below. On the right hand is the Hulical ravine. It is possible to see the Coonoor stream some 5000 feet below. This vantage point also provides you with an excellent view of the Coimbatore plains.

Law's Falls

The Law's Falls is a small waterfall located on the Coonoor river near its junction with the Mettupalayam Ghat Road. It is named after a man named Col. Law. This was the man who traced and who was behind the construction of the new Coonoor ghat. Even though it is a relatively small waterfall, it attracts a lot of visitors. This is because it is one of the prettiest locations anywhere in the area. The surrounding landscape is extremely rocky and wild. Such a setting is a huge draw for naturalists. In fact, this location is almost heaven to such enthusiasts.

MacIvor's Bund

MacIvor's bund is in the suburbs of Ooty and Dodabetta peak. The motor car or bike would be the easiest way to reach the place while one is in ooty. It is a hilly region and one would definitely love to go riding on the motor bike on the roads which have curves and which go steep high in the mountains.

There is a beautiful church in the place and it is just 12 kms from ooty. It is very close to the avalanche hills and is just 7 kms apart from there. It is a plain region just in the center of the mountains, which cover it from almost all the sides.

Main Bazaar

Main bazaar is the central hub and the best shopping junction of the place. All the things which are produced in the city along with all small groceries and cutlery are sold here under a single umbrella. The chief thing produced in this area is tea and all variety of tea is available for tasting as well as purchase.

Handicraft and specific paintings made by the local residents is appreciated and highly liked by several people all across the country. Special goodies for the festival are made available and clothes are available in specific local variety which has the essence of the prevalent culture of the place.

Mariamman Temple

The Mariamman temple is located near the market in Ooty. Mariamman is the local deity of the region. It is dedicated to Mariamman, the Hindu Goddess of rain.

Ooty Mariamman Temple Festival is celebrated in the month of April. The mother Goddess, Mariamman is considered to be a form of Kaali, and is also referred to as Mahamaayi or Seethala Gowri. On the day of the festival, thousands of devotees visit the temple from various parts of the country to witness the festival. During the festival, devotees walk barefoot over a pit of burning coal and make lamps from grounded rice and offer to the deity.

Marlimun Lake

Marlimun Lake is located in Ooty and is a wonderful lake of the region. It has all the things which come in one's mind when one thinks of lake. It is clean and neat and is a best place one would love to go for. Several different kinds of boats are made available in this region and one can go boating with the family. Boats are generally in the form of house boats or shikaras and even open boats are available to choose from.

The lake is not much deep but it is sufficiently wide enough to have the fountains and water fall in the place which does increase the scenic beauty of the place.

Mini Garden (Children's Lake Garden)

This garden is about 1 km from the railway station of ooty. This garden is also known as 'Children's Lake Garden'. It is on the way to Boat House. A children`s amusement park can also be seen here. A snack bar is also available. The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation maintains it. The garden is kept open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mudumalai National Park

The Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, now also declared a Tiger Reserve, lies on the northwestern side of the Nilgiri Hills (Blue Mountains). Here one can often spot herds of endangered Indian elephants, vulnerable Gaur, and Chital. The sanctuary is a haven for Bengal Tigers and Indian Leopards and other threatened species. There are at least 266 species of birds in the sanctuary, including critically endangered species like the Indian White-rumped Vulture and the long-billed vulture.

Mukurthi National Park(MNP)

Mukurthi National Park (MNP) is a 78.46 km? protected area located in the south-eastern corner of the Nilgiris Plateau west of Ooty hill station. The park is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India's first International Biosphere Reserve.

The park is characterized by Montane grasslands and shrublands interspersed with sholas in a high altitude area of high rainfall, subfreezing temperatures and high winds. It is home to an array of endangered wildlife, including Royal Bengal Tiger and Asian Elephant, but its main mammal attraction is the Nilgiri Tahr. The park was previously known as Nilgiri Tahr National Park.

Nilgiri Mountains

The Nilgiri(blue mountains), often referred to as the Nilgiri Hills, are a range of mountains with at least 24 peaks above 2,000 meters (6,562 ft), in the westernmost part of Tamil Nadu. They are part of the larger Western Ghats mountain chain making up the southwestern edge of the Deccan Plateau.

Peaks in the Nilgiris : Doddabetta, Snowdon, Elk Hill, Club Hill, Devashola, Kulakombai, Hullikal Durg, Coonoor Betta, Rallia Hill, Dimhatti Hill etc.

Ootacamund Club

Ootacamund club is located on the Nilgiri hills high up in the air. It is almost 7000 feet above the sea level. It is highly popular golf club in the world. It has its footings more than 100 years down the line and is a wonderful place for the people to play and have all great fun playing in the club. It has its wonderful website too so that people can book their visits online and have a planned visit to the place.

Apart from the games, poker and casinos is what is most loved and opted for by most of the people. People come there from distant places so as to have great fun and enjoy the weekend with their family members and friends.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

It's the best garden ever known in India and is a great tourist destination. It is located on the hillock of Ooty which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It has a wide span of more than 50 acres and is spread along the Dodabetta peak, which stays to be the highest peak in the region of Ooty. The garden is taken great care of by the government and the Horticulture department and has a wide variety of plants and trees.

It has been lovers point and has been appreciated by all kinds of people alike. May stays to be the best time to visit the place, and there are several programs organized by the local crowd so as to attract the tourists to visit the place.

It were laid out in 1847. The Gardens, divided into several sections, cover an area of around 22 hectares. The present Botanical Garden is divided into 5 sections namely Lower Garden, New Garden, Italian Garden, Conservatory, Fountain Terrace and Nurseries.

Ooty Golf Course

Ooty Golf Course is located in the town of Ooty in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The golf course is set at an altitude of 7600 feet. It is owned by the Gymkhana club in Ooty. The course extends over 193.56 acres and comprises 18 holes. The balls travel farther in this course as the air is thinner at the high altitude. The entire course is surrounded by avalanche range which contains thick woods. The golf course contains many varieties of trees like aromatic eucalyptus, oak, rhododendron, and fir which add to the scenic atmosphere.

Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake stays in the heart of Ooty with its L shape construction. It is the best place for boating and the summers are primly wonderful. Several boat races are conducted and people have a wonderful time enjoying the sport as such a wonderful place on earth. The function is well planned and organized and there is a huge crowd gathered around the lake at the time of the race. It covers an area of 65 acres.

The boat houses is the place where the people reside and its also a great experience staying in a boat house. There are a few children parks where the tourists can halt and have a wonderful time with kids. The means of conveyance stays to be horses and ponies and horse ride is the favorite sport for anyone visiting the place.

Ooty Radio Telescope

The Ooty Radio Telescope is located in Muthorai near Ootacamund (Ooty). It is part of the National centre of Radio Astrophysics of the well known Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) which is funded by the Government of India through the Department of atomic energy. The Ooty Radio Telescope (ORT) is a 530 m long and 30 m wide Cylindrical Paraboloid telescope. It operates at a frequency of 326.5 MHz with a maximum bandwidth of 15 MHz at the front-end.

Pine Forest

Situated between Ooty and Thalakunda, this tourist destination was once featured in the Tamil movie song "Deena". It is a small downhill region where pine trees are arranged in an orderly fashion.

Pykara Lake

Pykara is a lake located 19 km from Ooty in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Pykara is the largest river in the District. It is considered very sacred by the Todas. The Pykara river rises at Mukurthi peak. It passes through hilly tract, generally keeping to North and turns to West after reaching the Plateau's edge. The river has a dam and power plant.

The river flows through a series of cascades; and the last two falls of 55 meters and 61 meters are known as Pykara falls. The falls are approximately 6 km from the bridge on the main road. The dam is situated close to the falls and comprises a power station. One of the oldest plants[weasel words] in south India, the Pykara station still functions, generating about 60 megawatts.

Raj Bhavan

Raj Bhavan (Hindi for Government House) of Ooty is the Summer residence of the Governor of Tamil Nadu, It is located in the city of Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The present area of Raj Bhavan is 86.72 acres (350,900 m2). The main building has a plinth area of 29,505 sq ft (2,741.1 m2). And it consists of a large Banqueting Hall, ball room, Drawing and Reception rooms, besides 17 Guest rooms and office rooms. The elevation of Raj Bhavan is 2,303 meters above mean-sea level and enjoys a warm, temperate climate with an average rainfall of 1,400 mm per year.

Raj Bhavan Gardens is a fascinating experience. It consists of ornamental gardens in an area of about 9 acres (36,000 m2), a rich lawn on 3 acres (12,000 m2), four rosaries, two lily ponds, a sunken garden, two green houses, a vegetable garden and a nursery.

Rose Garden

The Government Rose Garden (formerly known as the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, Centerary Rose Park and Nootrandu Roja Poonga) is the largest rose garden in India. It is situated on the slopes of the Elk Hill in Vijayanagaram of Ooty hill station in Tamil Nadu, India at an altitude of 2200 meters. It was established in May 1995, covering an area of four hectares in five curving terraces.

Initially, 17,256 rose plants from 1,919 varieties were planted. Today this garden has one of the largest collection of roses in the country with more than 20,000 varieties of roses of 2,800 cultivars. The collection include Hybrid Tea Roses, Miniature Roses, Polyanthas, Papagena, Floribunda, Ramblers, Yakimour and roses of unusual colours like black and green. The rose varieties planted in this garden were assembled from different sources.

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church in Ooty was constructed by reverend Fr. Foubert in the year 1897. The main attraction of the church - the bell towers - was constructed only after the First World War.

The church gained the status of diocesan Cathedral only after Ooty was categorized as a separate diocese on 3rd of July 1955. In the year 1989, the church underwent a large renovation after the accident in which the roof of the sanctuary had fallen. Sacred Heart Church is located on the Havelock road in Bandishola, Ooty. In the city that is known for its scenic delights, the Sacred Heart Church holds a charm of its own.

Sanctuary Avalanche

Sanctuary Avalanche is situated in the Nilgiri hills and is a wild life sanctuary which was constructed with the holy intention to protect the wild life in southern India. Several species on the verge of extinction are reared with great care and caution and are provided with an eco friendly environment where they can breed easily and have life going on.

The national park is situated about 67 kilometers away from ooty and is a wonderful place for people who love wild animals. Killing of wild life is strictly prohibited in this zone, so if shooting is the passion, this is not the right place to opt for.

Shopping, Coonoor

It may not be one of the most well known shopping locations, but it should be. Exceptional petit point embroidery can be found here. Coonoor is also famous for its tea, hand made antiques, Indian handlooms, and shawls. Irish and Belgian table sets and shadow-worked bed sheets are also readily found in the Coonoor shops. With such fine cotton clothes available here, many like to stock up on household clothing items at such stores as the Fine Things boutique. The stores in Coonoor are also known for the outstanding fruit that can be obtained there. Such items as fruit nectar, mulberry fruit, passion fruit, and ambrosia can all be found in Coonoor.

Sim's Park

The Sim's Park is spread over an area of 12 hectares and is situated in Upper Coonoor. The park it is believed has more than 1000 plant species, including many flowering plants, pines, ferns and shrubs. If you are visiting in May, then you can attend the fruit and vegetable show, which is a tradition and is held annually.

St. Catherine Water Falls

From Dolphin's Nose of Coonoor one can have a magnificent view of St. Catherine Water falls which is about 250 feet height. But it can be reached from Kotagiri at a distance of 8 kms. To reach the top of the hills tourist should take a diversion at Aravenu on Kotagiri - Mettupalayam road.

St. Mary's Church

The first Catholic Church in Ooty. In 1837 Rev. Fr. Bigot Beauclair visited Ootacamund and within 2 years the construction of a Church was commenced which is now St. Joseph's Primary School. As the catholic population of Ootacamund increased, the original church was found inadequate and a much larger one was constructed in 1870 which is the present church of St. Mary's.

St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Church is located on the road to Mysore in Ooty, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiris district. The church features a pew with a raised chancel. Stained glass paintings are featured on the eastern side and behind the chancel, depicting Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms and the crucifixion of Christ among others. A large life-like painting of the Last Supper is depicted on the western wall, above the panelled doorways.

The vestry is in the cellar down the chancel. The pulpit is to the left of the chancel and a small flight of steps is attached to it. Antique hammer like structures (four in number), tied on to inverted V shaped planks with ropes are installed instead of the big metallic bell in the attic. Pulleys attached with solid wires operate the hammers. The entire structure is housed on a tall, sturdy stool, which is open on all the fourth sides. When the wires are pulled from the floor, a rhythmic musical sound is produced.

St. Theresa's Church

In 1934 the chapel of St. Joseph's Industrial School served as the parish church for the faithful of St. Theresa's Parish. In 1935 it was bifurcated from St. Mary's Parish, Ooty as a separate parish. The foundation stone for the present church was laid on 15th March 1964. On 6th June 1965 the present church was blessed by Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Padiyara and renovated in 1979.

Stone House

Stone House is the first bungalow constructed in Ooty. It was built by John Sullivan and was called as Kal Bangala by the tribals (Kal means stone in Tamil). Today, it is the official residence for the principal of the Government Arts College, Ooty. John Sullivan started building Stonehouse in 1822, acquiring land from the Todas at one rupee an acre.

Summer Festival

Ooty attracts lots of people during its Summer Festival and it is the best event during the season in May. Regular cultural programmes, fashion shows, flower and fruit shows, boat races, boat pageantry, dog shows etc. are held during the festival.

The Tea Factory

There are several small tea factories which cater the life of the people and provide livelihood to a wide number of people earning their bread from the meager income they avail by working in tea factory.

Tea factories are well equipped and produce tea of different qualities and focus on a large international market. The whole process of manufacturing the tea is well optimized and is highly grounded up with well planned process so as to produce highly edible and good quality tea to be sold in the market place. The taste of the fresh, just made tea is so fine that one should taste it once to have that essence of freshness. It would surely be a wonderful experience.

Thomas Church

A tour to Ooty is incomplete without paying a visit to the St. Thomas Church. A compelling view of the Ooty Lake can be sighted from the St. Thomas Church.

The main attraction at St. Thomas Church is the memorial of St. Thomas. It boasts of being the tallest memorial in Ooty, with huge pillar that is crowned by a cross. One can find this pillar on the grave of William Patrick Adam, who was the governor of Madras and passed away in Ooty in the year 1881. An interesting fact that attracts tourists to the graveyard of St. Thomas Church is that the saite served as a location for the shooting of the film A Passage to India, E.M. Forster and directed by David Lean, in the year 1984.

Thread Garden

The thread garden at Ooty is a popular tourist spot that showcases some of the most exquisite collection of artificial flowers and plants, all made by the expert hands of the skilful artists by using just thread. Antony Joseph, the mastermind behind this unique creation along with his 50 proficient helpers has worked constantly for 12 years, to create these marvels of thread. Approximately 6 crore meters of embroidery thread have been employed in the creation of this one-of-a-kind attraction in the world. Also be assured that not a stitch of a needle or any other machinery have been used in the production of these flowers.

Stiff cardboards for flowers and petals, steel and copper wires for stem were meticulously used along with varied colors of threads to create these visual delights. Here you can find more than 150 varieties of artificially made flowers which promise to remain fresh for a long long time to come.

At the Thread Garden in Ooty you do not only get a chance to behold these beauties in your eyes, but you can carry these astounding crafts home as well. However, you need to be a little cautious and preserve theme well, in order to avoid discolouring. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight or even direct artificial lights. Since they are permanently fixed from the base it is important to cover them well and use only cotton to clean the outer glass surface.

Tiger Hill

One of the most charming places in Ooty is the Tiger Hill. This beautiful spot lies to the east of the hill station and towards the lower end of the Doddabetta peak. It is located at a distance of about 16km from the main town. You can enjoy a trek upto Tiger Hill. At the site there is a drinking water reservoir which meets the water requirements of the town. There is also a cave close to Tiger Hill. This cave is believed to be associated with many religious legends. This is a beautiful picnic spot and locals and tourists flock to this place to unwind and relax.

Toda Huts

There are a few Toda huts on the hills above Botanical Garden, where Todas still dwell. There are other Toda settlements in the area, notably Kandal Mund near Old Ooty.

Toy Train in Ooty

Travel to Ooty on exotic 'Nilgiri Toy Train' to enjoy the plethora that nature holds for you. The slow train ride uphill connects Ooty from Mettupalayam, a serene town lying on the foothills of the Nilgiris. The train began its first service in 1899 and since then the bliss has continued. At the speed of 33 kms per hour, this fairy ride covers a distance of 46 kms beginning from Udhagamandalam and takes around 4 and a half hour to reach Ooty.

A traveler on this route can experience a varied geographical scenario ranging from the 7 kms long rice fields that turn rocky and rugged for the further 27 kms. From then on, the route is dominated by 13 tunnels and 26 viaducts. The train reaches Coonoor after a steep climb and reaches the highest point of the journey, i.e. 2128 m above sea level. Soon after, the train takes a downhill turn which provides excellent views for photography. The entire toy train ride will leave you delighted, thrilled and stunned at the same time. Green stretches of forests, gurgling waterfall and picturesque sights are some of the many attractions that will leave you spellbound.

Trekking in Ooty

Ooty forms the perfect base for a number of exciting treks, some long and some short, into the adjoining hills. The winter season is the best time to explore the natural glory of Ooty through trekking. There are several treks which differ in distance, heights and landscape. Also, a base camp is built at Parsons Valley, which aids as an initial point for the trekkers. Ooty-Parson's peak-Porthimund-Mukurthi National Park-Pandiar Hills-Pykara Falls-Mudumalai National Park-Ooty is a long trek which exposes the trekkers through some of the most beautiful and unexplored parts of the Nilgiris. The picturesque view of Mudumalai Sanctuary is certainly spectacular for adventure tourists.

Ooty also offers short one day treks to the tourists. One of them is through the forested area of Glenmorgan. Located at a distance of 17 km from Ooty, it is rich in eucalyptus, wattle and rhododendron trees. One can also trek to Dodabetta, the second highest peak in the Western Ghats. The peak lies about 10 km from Ooty. The climb to the top isn't much of a challenge; however, from here one can have a splendid view of the surroundings.

Tribal Research Center and Tribal Museum

Tribal Research Center near Ooty, is dedicated to the studies on the tribal communities of the state. Established in the year 1983 at Udhagamandalam, it is located at a mere distance of 10 kms from the Ooty Bust stand. This institute plays an integral part in planning the development of the tribal. Besides, they also cater to the welfare of the 6 primitive tribal communities that have been flourishing in those areas since ages.

The main attraction at the Tribal Research center is the Tribal museum that boasts of rare artifacts and pictures of the ancient tribal groups of Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The life size replica of the Todas, Kotas and Paniyas tribes enjoy huge appeal from the tourists. Many attractive sculptures displayed in the museum depict the rich and varied tribal cultures of the various tribes that exist in Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Besides visiting the museum, one can also enjoy reading books and journal available on the tribal culture, at the in-house library. The audio-video presentation during the tribal festival time forms a unique attraction.

Upper Bhavani

It is situated about 10 kms from Korakundha and 20 kms from Avalanche. This place is regarded as a naturalists` paradise. This is also a rich and undisturbed wildlife habitat. From Bangithapal via Sirpura one can trek to Silent Valley. The permission of the forest department is must to go there.

Wax World

A wax museum that houses life-size look-alike wax statues of personalities of Indian history, culture and heritage housed in a 142-year-old bungalow.

Wellington's Golf Course, Coonoor

Cantonment of Wellington is located in the near vicinity of Coonoor. It is in Wellington that the well-respected Defense Services Staff College is located. The Wellington Golf Course is a popular place to stop and enjoy a civilized round of golf. In the midst of the exotic landscape, the touch of normalcy surrounded with the unusual location makes golfing at Wellington's an attractive possibility for many people. This golf course is especially popular with film crews who film in the area. During the filming of a movie, the relaxing motion necessary for golf can counteract the stress that occurs in the filmmaking process. No wonder Wellington's Golf Course is a popular place to visit.

Wenlock Downs

This is a grassland area typical of the original bioscape of the Nilgiris. It has gently undulating hills and is often compared with areas in the British isles such as the Yorkshire Dales. This is a popular film shooting area, particularly two areas situated approximately six and nine miles (14 km) out of Ooty on the main Ooty to Pykara road (also known as Mysore Road). These locations are accordingly named "Sixth Mile" and "Ninth Mile".

Other Places
  • Temples in Ooty : Venkateshwara Perumal Temple, Subramania Swamy Temple, Vittoba Temple, Muniswarar Temple, Mooyaulaka Arasiamman Temple in Kandal etc.
  • Church and Mosque in Ooty: Union Church, Kandal Shrine, Big Mosque etc.
  • Mutt in Ooty: Ramakrishna mutt, Narayana Gurukumalam, Abu Babajee Trust, Diyanamyam, Ragahavendra Mutt, Dakshinamurthy Madalayam, Sampoorna Ashram, Bahai Prayer Hall etc.
  • Other Places in Ooty : Parsons Valley Reservoir, Shooting Point, Needle Point Rock View, Cherambadi, Nellialayam, Numbal Kattah, Porthimund Lake, Upper Bhavani Lake, Deer Park, Tea and Tourism Festival, Thaipoosam, Mariamman Temple Annual Festival at Bokkapuram, Mariamman Temple Car Festival, Boat Race, Boat Pageantry, Flower show, Summer Festival, Dog Show, Fruit Show, Vegetables show etc.