Tour to Nandurbar
Sardar Sarovar Dam, NandurbarDandpaneshwar Ganesh Temple, NandurbarDargah of Hazrat Syed Allaudin urf Imam Badsah, NandurbarDatta Temple, Sarangkheda, NandurbarPrakasha(Dakshin Kashi), NandurbarToranmal Hill Station, Nandurbar

Welcome to Nandurbar,

Nandurbar is the district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Before 1st of July, 1998 Nandurbar was part of the larger Dhule District. Narmada River and Tapi River are the two main rivers flowing through Nandurbar District.

There are several places of tourist importance in Nandurbar District. Prakasha, one of the famous religious places, also known as Dakshin Kashi, is in Shahada town. There is one temple at Jaynagar, 24 km away from Shahada and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Thousands of people visit this temple on the occasion of Mangli Chaturthi. Asthamba Rishi Yatra in Akrani tehsil religious places is also in this district. Toranmal is the second coolest hill station in Maharashtra state and is near Shahada. It is the second highest place in Maharashtra.

Famous Places in Nandurbar

Asthamba one of the religious place of Nandurbar district is in Akrani Town. One of the popular fair of tribals from south Gujrat and north-west Maharashtra is the Asthamba fair. This fair is held during Diwali festival seasion for 10 to 15 days. Geographically Asthamba is situated in block of Nandurbar District.

Asthamba is a mythological character from Hindu epic called Mahabharat. Tribals say he is also known as Ashvasthama,a male charecter and son of Dronacharya.


The city has famous church. It is constructed in some different way as compare to other churches. On the occasion this church is decorated well with lights etc. On the day of X-mas, there is huge crowd in this church. The view of this church at that time is quite captivating.

Dandpaneshwar Ganesh Temple

Dandpaneshwar Ganesh Temple is one of the religious place in Nandurbar District.It is a famous pleasent picnic point. The statue of the Lord Ganesha is in Saffron color and it is decorated with some silver layers etc.

Dargah of Hazrat Syed Allaudin urf Imam Badsah

The Dargah of Syed Allaudin urf Imam Saheb's dargah as popularly known is perhaps the most conspicuous site of Nandurbar Town. It is on a hilltop at extreme end of the township.From the dargah the entire township can be seen. The Dargah of Imam Saheb is a very big structure with a number of larges entry gates on the way.

The night view of the dargah is mesmerising. The lighting and decoration at night is awesome.

Datta Temple, Sarangkheda

Sarangkheda is a village in Shahada taluka in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra state in India. Sarangkheda village is situated around 15 km South of Shahada on the bank of Tapti River.

Shri Datta temple is at Sarangkheda. Every year a big fair is organised on the eve of Datta Jayanti. This Datt Mandir is almost 100 year old and renovated around 40 years ago. It is believed that idol of Datta has been brought from Mahur in Nanded district. Recently a barrage is built just near the bridge in east direction to supply water for irrigation and drinking.

The village is known for annual fair and main attraction of fair is horse bazar or horse trading. The fair is of 2 weeks long and attracts thousands of people and people comes from different part of country to buy horses for many purposes like horse riding, farming etc.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Krishi Vigyan Kendra is basically the center of agriculture in the district. Here training programs for the tribal and non tribal farmers are conducted. For upgrading skill, various programmes are held. New technique for improving agriculture are learnt by qualified tachnicians.

Mainly following programmes are held here:



-Agricultural Engineering

-Post Harvest Technology

-Plant Protection

-Animal Science

-Home Science

Prakasha(Dakshin Kashi)

Prakasha one of the oldest temple of this region, also known as Dakshin Kashi is in Shahada Tehsil.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Sardar Sarovar Dam is a multi purpose interstate project amongst Gujrat,Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The project envisages construction of 138.68 mtr.Long concrete Dam across Narmada River near village Navagaon in Gujrat state. It will generate 1450 M.watt of hydro electric power and will irrigate 17.92 lakh ha.of land in Gujrat State and 0.75 lakh ha. Rajasthan state by means of 460k.m long right bank Canal.

The Narmada Dam Project is a project involving the construction of a series of large hydroelectric dams on the Narmada River in India. The project was first conceived of in the 1940s by the country's firstprime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The project only took form in 1979 as part of a development scheme to increase irrigation and produce hydroelectricity.

With a proposed height of 136.5 m, it's also high on discord between the planners and the Narmada Bachao Andolan. The multi-purpose project will irrigate more than 18,000 square kilometres, most of it in drought prone areas like Kutch and Saurashtra. Critics maintain that its negative environmental impact outweights its benefits. A concrete gravity dam, 1210 meters (3970 feet) in length and with a maximum height of 163 meters above the deepest foundation level, is under construction across river Narmada.

Toranmal Hill Station

Situated at an altitude of 1461 m, Toranmal is perhaps one of the most peaceful places on earth. Toranmal falls in the Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, surrounded by Satpuda hills. Flanked by the 7 hills of the Satpuda range, Toranmal nestles among varieties of flora and fauna. It is one of those rare places which are not crowded by many people but the natural beauty deeply touches every visitor.

Narrow hill roads, fanned by thick wood, Toranmal, has beautiful lakes and old temples. Yashvant Lake is visited my many every year. It is a natural lake and offers breathtaking views of the hills. The Goraknath and Nagarjun temple are visited by thousands of pilgrims. The grand fair of Maha Shivratri takes place in front of Goraknath temple every year from March to April. This fair attracts hundreds of people every year. People from different states also visit this fair.

Other Places
  • Pdalpur-Taluka Shahada Lord Krishna, Fort of Akka Rani, Walheri Taloda etc.
  • Horaphali Waterfall : It in Akkalkua Town.
  • Hidimba's Forest : Near Taloda in Satpuda.