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Welcome to Mahabaleshwar Hill Station,

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a picturesque hilly resort nestled in the lap of majestic mountain ranges of Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar boasts of an invigorating ambiance. At an altitude of 1372 meters, Mahabaleshwar offers panoramic view of the plains with the imposing sloppy peaks and surrounding woods. This prettiest hill station is often referred as the "Queen of Hill Stations" in Maharashtra. It is also knownas the "Kashmir of Maharashtra".

The tourists are enthralled by its exotic greenery, beautiful gardens and breath-taking scenery. Numerous majestic mansions built during the British days still stand as monuments of the Raj. The favorite season for visiting is from March to June.

Famous Places in Mahabaleshwar Hill Station
Arthur's Seat

Authur's Seat is 1470 meters high. The queen of all points, Authur's point got its name after Arthur Mallet as he was the first man to come here and build a house. The arrangement of rocks on the southern side is compared with the world notable stratification of rocks of the Grand Canyon of Colorado in the USA.

The desolate deep valley Savitri on the left side and the not so deep green valley on the right side is a captivating sight. The Arthur's seat is the only point from where one can see clearly the geographical differentiation of Kokan and Deccan. Just below the point is the window point.

Babbington Point

Situated with in the precincts of Mahabaleshwar, Babington Point is a much desired hot spot of the tourists. This enchanting place is positioned at a height of 1294 meters above the sea level. Since Babington point is situated atop, the boulevard that leads to this location itself is very thrilling.

A meandering path way that passes through some of the lovely visions of nature finally fetch the visitor to a superb open space from where one can enjoy the awesome beauty of the landscape below. Most imposing sight from Babington point is the view of the gorgeous Koyna valley, Chinaman's waterfall and saddle back.

Bombay Point(Sunset Point)

The Mumbai Point is well known as the Sunset Point. People pack here to get a glimpse of the gray and orange skyscapes as the sun sets. The place has a large open space with a bandstand. It is an ideal place for late afternoon picnic. The Mumbai Point is the official place from where people can view the sunset over the valleys below at Mahabaleshwar. The Mumbai Point is the most famous and oldest point of Mahabaleshwar. The point got it's name as it was on the old road to Mumbai. There is a lovers point to the left of the Mumbai point.

Carnac Point

Sir James Rivett Carnac was one of the few governors of British reign who had been prettily inspired by the pictorial beauty of Mahabaleshwar. As a tribute to this great lover of nature, Carnac point is named after him. It is rest assured that the enchanting views offered by this point would hold one's breath. Carnac point proffers the amazing sceneries of the majestic saddle back peaks and the precipices of Babington Point. Though obstructed, one can also witness sunset from here. Clothed with lustrous greenery, the ravines below the points are extremely beautiful in the month of October when the salubrious cold environments reflects the beauty at its zenith.

Catholic Church

Since Mahabaleshwar was the summer capital of the erstwhile Bombay presidency, it had a tremendous populace of English people there in the past. Roman Catholic Church in the town might be constructed by them for their Sunday adorations and holy masses.

One of the alluring attractions in Mahabaleshwar is the Roman Catholic Church that stood as a proud reminiscent of the past glory. Though in a deserted condition, the church offers something worthy for a watch. Its stained glass windows still hold the elegant look even after so many decades. Another interesting aspect about the church is that a Hindu family looks after the church.

Chinaman's Falls

The Chinaman's Waterfall falls towards the south into the Koyana Valley. It is 2.5 km away from Mahabaleshwar. A tour to Mahabaleshwar is not complete without a visit to the famous and cascading waterfalls. The Chinaman's waterfall can be reached by going through the Carviali Road. The calm surroundings and the exotic waterfalls render a perfect holiday spot. In the past the gardens close to the falls were looked after by the Chinese. The Chinese also cultivated the gardens. Thus the falls got its name as Chinaman's Waterfall.

Connaught Peak

Connaught Peak in the Old Mahabaleshwar Road is the second highest peak in Mahabaleshwar. This peak was formerly called as Mount Olympia. In 1880, the Duke of Connaught visited this fabulous spot and he was so inspired by the grandiose of the peak that he renamed the peak with his name. After that Mount Olympia became called by the name Connaught Peak. Situated at an altitude of 1400 meters this peak is a favourite destination of riders. Besides its challenging treks and rides, this peak offers stupendous views of the entire Mahabaleswar valley. Krishna Valley, Kamalgadh, Elphinston Point, Torana, Pratapgad Ajinkyatara and Venna Lake looks marvelous when viewed from the top of this peak.

Dhobi Waterfall

The Dhobi Waterfall is 3 km away from the town area. The fall is on the course which connects Lodwick point to Elphinstone Point. The locale of the fall is a beautiful corner. The falls faces the southern side of the Elphinstone point directly. Either side of the falls is filled with rocks. Due to leafage the rocks appears to be green. The Dhobi waterfall is on a bridle path. The falls connects Petit Road with Old Mahabaleshwar Road. The falls is a famous picnic spot.

Echo Point

On the way to Arthur's seat point you can see breath-taking scenery of echo point. The deep valleys and sharp cuts of mountains.

Elephant's Head Point

The Elephant's Head Point is one of the best points to be visited in Mahabaleshwar. The cliffs which overhang resemble an elephant's head and trunk. Thus the point got its name as the Elephant's Head Point. The point renders breathtaking views of the surroundings. The mountain range of Sahyadri is also visible from this point and it is bewitching to watch. The tourists and the visitors should take a pony ride or walk from the parking area to the spot.

Elphinstone Point

A seven mile drive from Frere Hall fetch the tourist to Elphinstone, whose lofty cliffs and peaks provides one with a thrilling experience. A scenic location, which commands an overall view of the nearby surroundings, this point gives you the freshness and warmth of nature. The bungalow at Elphinstone Point provides accommodation for visitors. Now it is in a dilapidated state and it is learnt that Mahabalesvar municipality has now resoluted to pull down it and to erect a new picnic-shed on a suitable spot at Arthur seat.

One can enjoy the beauty of the Koyna valley and the thriving of the plains here. Another spectacular scenery is the ravine, which lies amidst of Elphinstone point and Arthur point. River Savitri originates from here.

Falkland Point

Named after Sir Filkland, a governor of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency, this charming spot offers you yet another wonderful vision of nature. What makes this point so lovely is the open space that reflects the true beauty of the light woods found in the hilly terrain of Mahabaleshwar.

A direct road, which is steep but extensive and travelable, takes the traveler to Falkland point. Falkland Point unfurls a magical world that is filled with the mesmerizing charm of the Koyna valley, Makarandgadh and the lush environ of green woods on the background of majestic peaks.

Helen's Point

Situated adjacent to the main market of Mahabaleshwar, Helen's point, is the treasure house of enchanting sceneries. This majestic point unfurls the gorgeousness of the lush green fields and the modest huts. One can also witness the Krishna River as it undulates its surge through the tiny fields.

Helen's Point is famed as the basis of the majestic Solshi River. Apart from that the tourists can enjoy the melodious music of gushing waters of a nearby cascade. Popularly called as the Blue Valley, Helen's Point boast of delightful vistas of nature that would give you the everlasting memories of a nice trip. Robbers Caves, North Coat point and Gavalani Point are the other remarkable spots adjacent to Helen's Point.

Hunter Point

Mahabaleswhar offers some of the exotic locales that make the spectators spellbound. It is naturally bestowed with so many fascinating beauty spots that offer one with stunning panorama of nature. There are numerous points that overlook the dazzling valleys and deep forests, and majestic peaks.

Hunter point is one of such attractions, which is situated with in the boundaries of the main town. At an altitude of 1290 meters, hunter point proffers the visitor with dazzling views of all the above. The most alluring vision from this lofty spot is the flamboyant Koyna valley and apart from that a wide range of astounding spots with pictorial sceneries greets the visitors.

Kate's Point

Kate's Point is along the Duchess Road. It is at a height of 1,290 metres. It is one of the greatest points and no tourist would like to miss it. The distance of the point is 6.8 km.

The view from the point is clear and splendid. The best time to visit is winter. It is during winter that the skies are clear. During winters, the Dhom dam is full and it is a fantastic scene. The peaks of Kamalgadh, Pandavgadh and Mandardeo can also be seen from Kate's point. Close by to the Kate's point is the Echo point.

Lingamala Water Falls

The Lingamala Waterfall is a fantastic sight to watch. It presents an enrapturing view of cascading water. It disperses from the top of a steep cliff. The water falling down looks like thin silver streaks. It encircles with rainbow colors. The tourists and the visitors admire the Lingamala waterfall's beauty.

The Lingamala Waterfall is a glittering waterfall. The water drops into the Venna valley of Mahabaleshwar. The best season for visiting the falls is the rainy season. The water level during the monsoon rises and cascades down. The water which launches from a height of 600 feet from the drop-off extends the most effervescent visions.

Lodwick Point

Formerly known as the Sidney Point, Lodwick Point might be the most beautiful spot in Mahabaleshwar. An isolated lofty precipice that stood in the midst of two deep gorges, Sidney point brings out the charisma of the surrounding mountain peaks to its entirety. The winding pathway, which leads to it is well suited for carriage drives and it goes through tiny but dense forests.

When compared to other points of this hill station, this point offers narrower views of the surroundings. But Elphinstone point and Pratapgad cannot be better viewed from anywhere else than this point. A twenty five feet high column erected in memory of the late general Lodwick is the chief attraction of this point.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

The Mahabaleshwar Temple has Lord Shiva as its presiding deity. The temple is encircled with a 5 feet high stone wall. The Mahabaleshwar hills were named after Lord Mahabali which means great strength. The Mahabaleshwar Temple is divided into two - the inner room and the outer room. The inner room is known as the God chamber and the outer is the central hall.

The important site of prayer is a 'lingam' which is of black stone. The lingam is regarded to be the materialization of the Divine. The temple is the land mark of Mahabalewshwar. It is visited by locals and tourists.

Marjorie Point

The Marjorie Point is situated on the way to Authur's Seat. The drop-offs from this point rise from the Konkan valley. The point is about 500 meters below the Konkan valley. The Marjorie Point offers enchanting and panoramic view of the Sahyadri Ranges. The points in Mahabaleshwar are named after the prominent British administrators. They are the ones who found these beautiful locations.

The different points in Mahabaleshwar are situated at various edges of the plateau in different directions. Cars and taxis can be rented to get to the points quickly. Horses are also available in the town and the adventurous can venture it.

Morarji Castle

Another worthy to watch spectacle in the hilly terrain of Mahabaleshwar is the Morarji Castle. An old structure that reflects the influence of the British style architecture, Morarji Castle allures the onlookers with its glittering appeal. As a part of the freedom struggle Gandhiji came to Mahabaleshwar in 1945 and Morarji Castle was the place where the father of the nation liked to take his rest. There are also some other colonial structures in the near vicinity of this building.

Mount Malcolm

John Malcom was one among the illustrious generals of the British troops. In 1828 he came to Mahabaleswar and he was very much impressed by the scenic charm of Mahabaleshwar. In fond remembrance of this great man, the most fabulous mansion of the colonial era was named after him.

Mount Malcom is one among the earliest edifices to be found at Mahabaleshwar. It was constructed in the year 1829, and even today it stood as the most haunting attractions in Mahabaleshwar. A stunning edifice of the colonial era, Mount Malcom reflects excellent craftsmanship and architectural splendor. Though it had lost its old charisma, it still allures the onlookers with its unique style.

Panchganga Mandir

One of the holy places in Mahabaleshwar is the Panchganga Mandir. Water from five different rivers that is the Koyna, Krishna, Venna, Savitri and Gayatri join in this place. The confluence of five rivers has given the name Panchganga where Panch means five and ganga means river. All the rivers come out of a cow's mouth which is carved out of stone. Thus the place being called Panchganga Mandir.

This famous mandir was built by Raja Singhandeo. He was the king of the Yadav of Devgiri in the 13th century. In the 16th century the temple was improved by the Maratha Emperor Shivaji.

Pratapgarh Fort

The Pratapgarh Fort is the place from where the history of the Maratha Emperor Shivaji turned into a decisive course. This is here that Afzal Khan met his death. The Pratapgarh Fort is 900 m above sea level. It is 24 km west of Mahabaleshwar. The fort from a distance gives the appearance of a round topped hill. The wall of the lower fort forms a sort of a crown round the brow. The Fort was built in 1656 and it is a maze of ponds, chambers and long dark paths. Some of the paths lead to trap doors and the doors open to a 100 meter fall.

Tiger's Spring

A natural spring, which is believed to be the basis of river Savtri, Tiger spring greets one with pictorial beauty. The popular belief is that the spring water is having some devout powers and the spring serves as the source of water to the animals in the jungle. Viewing the luxurious valley beneath from this lovely stream is really awe inspiring.

This pretty, scenic stream is located just a kilometers away from the Arthur point. By descending the steep steps near to the Arthur point, one can reach the Tiger's spring. The glittering of the gushing shallow waters is so tempting that one would not mind spending hours beside it.

Venna Lake

The Venna Lake is spread over an area of 28 acres and its average depth is 10 feet. The lake is fed by repeated springs. The area encircling the lake is full of flowers and greenery. The lake was constructed by Shri Appasaheb Maharj, who was Raja of Satara in the year 1842. The Venna Lake is a tourist's attraction as it has boating facilities and stalls for games. It also has snacks stalls. The area of the lake is busy till late night.

Wilson Point(Sunrise Point)

Wilson Point, which is otherwise known as the Sunrise point, is a vast plateau. One can view the sunrise from the three masonry round platforms. The second platform which is about 1 km away from the market area of Mahabaleshwar is the ideal place to view the sun rise. The platform is perfectly located at 4735 feet above sea level and is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar. The Wilson Point is a vast barren rock with three watching towers at different spots. The point is a tourist attraction with its beautiful view point of the sunrise.

Other Places
  • Tapola - in Panchgani.

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