Tour to Kheda(Nadiad)
Santram Mandir, Kheda(Nadiad)Temple of Bhairav, Kheda(Nadiad)

Welcome to Kheda(Nadiad),

Kheda is district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Kheda, also known as Kaira. Nadiad is a city and an administrative center of the Kheda district. The city is famous for its socio-educational-religious humanitarian services led by Santram Mandir and supported by institutions of higher learning such as Dharmasinh Desai University etc.

Nadiad is a hub of industrial productivity led by the New Shorrock Mills of the Mafatlal Group. Other major industrial units providing valuable employment to the local population are IPCO, Apex Plastics Pvt. Ltd., American Dryfruits and Ashoka Foods - manufacturer of packaged food. The city is also a major trading center of Indian spices such as jeera, hing, haldi and rai (mustard seeds) as well as cotton.

Famous Places in Kheda(Nadiad)
Santram Mandir

Santram Mandir is a famous temple situated in Nadiad, Gujarat, India. It is home to Santram Maharaj who is a holy figure in Gujarat. It is very famous for other social activities for the needy too. The Santram mandir trust runs a physiotherapy centre, an eye clinic as well as various other charitable organizations. It also carries out various cultural activities.

The Nadiad Temple has its branches in Baroda, Umreth, Padra, Karamsad, Koyali, and Radhu. They carry on their work in accordance with the behests of the main temple in Nadiad. A manuscript book on Yoga is kept in the Kalasha (the top circular vessel) of the Nadiad Temple.

Temple of Bhairav

This temple is in ruins at present. It is speculated that few 'Nat' families had their habitat there. 'Nat' families made their living by entertaining people by performing on road side or streets. As their habitat grew it became known as 'Natpur-town of Nat'.

Other Places
  • Methodist Church etc.