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Welcome to Ganganagar,

The city is surrounded with many canals which comes out from Gang Canal and these canals and water ways make some beautiful places for picnics and sight seeing. There are many places around city, like Teen-Puliya (three bridges) which are most visited by city folks on week ends and holidays. Other famous spots are Shivpur-head and Sadhuwali-head.

The city is surrounded by lush green farms and orchards. The best time to visit is during February to March when Mustard fields are covered with yellow flowers, and during October to November when Cotton fields are covered with White Cotton. There are many religious places which are very famous, the famous Gurudwara of Sri Budha-johd. There are many other religious places also. Sri Jagadamba Andh MahaVidyalya is also a famous institute for education of the Blind and said to be one of the biggest education institutes of visually, hearing and speech impaired people in India and is also worth visiting. The ruins of the Harappa, Mahanjodaro and Kalibangan civilizations are also worth visiting.

Famous Places in Ganganagar
Gauri Shankar Temple

The Gauri Shankar Mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer among the gods comprising the Hindu holy trinity. The temple has a sandstone fa?ade with two huge turrets pointing skywards. The inner sanctum contains an impressive statue of the Lord himself.

Gurudwara Sri BudhaJod Shahab

Gurdwara Shaheed Nagar Budha Johad is a wonderful shrine located about 50 KM from Ganganagar. This is where Bhai Sukha and Mehtab Singh brought Massa Rangarh's head and hung it on a jandd da darakhat (translation needed). The Jandd where Massa rangar's head was hanging is now enclosed in a glass case. That Jandd stood for few hundred years and fell around 2000. They had stopped here where they saw the water body (Johad).

Indira Gandhi Canal

Indira Gandhi Nahar Project (IGNP) is one of the most gigantic projects in the world aiming to dedesertify and transform desert waste land into agriculturally productive area. The project objectives include drought proofing, providing drinking water, improvement of environment, afforestation, employment, rehabilitation, development and projection of animal wealth and increasing agricultural produce. The project construction commenced in the year 1958. Though the project is only partially complete it has shown remarkable success.

Indira Gandhi Nahar Project was designed to utilise 9,367 Mm3/yr of the total 10,608 Mm3/yr allocated to Rajasthan from the surplus waters of the Ravi and Beas rivers.

Ram Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and is similarly coloured, with one gigantic turret pointing up in the air, seemingly trying to reach the heavens. However, the most striking monument in Ganganagar is a huge alabaster white statue of Hanuman (the monkey god in the Hindu epic Ramayana) which is situated right in the middle of the town square. Hanuman is standing holding his traditional yellow mace in his hand, perched on top of a globe which has Bharat (India) inscribed on it. Patriotism is obviously the in thing in Ganganagar.

Sri Jagdamba Andh Vidhyalaya Samiti

Sri Jagdamba Andh Vidhyaleedaya Samiti for the Blind was started with the vision of one person, Swami Brahm Dev. It is situated at the international border of India and Pakistan with various activities for persons with disabilities.

The Society has Schools and Hostels for Blind and Deaf boys and girls, vocational training centre, computerised Braille press, Teacher training centre for teachers of the visually impaired and a 100 bed charitable eye hospital. It is also a proud recipient of the "National Award" for 1996 by the Ministry of Welfare, India.

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station,a great electricity production project. This generating station operated and maintained by Rajasthan Rajya Vidhyt Utpadan Nigam Limited is renowed in the country for their outstanding performance. Suratgarh TPS - "The Pride of Rajasthan", is recognized amongst the best-efficient and reputed power station in the country.

Suratgarh Thermal Power Station is the First Super Thermal Power Station of Rajastahjn with a total planned installed capacity of 1500MW.Presently the operational installed capacity of STPS is 1250(5x250)and one more unit of 250MW is slated for commissioning in March 2009.

Other Places
  • Hindumalkot, Samadhi of Dada Pamparam, Laila Majnu ki Majhar, Shivpur Head, Suratgarh and Jaitsar Farms, Shivpuri Kagad, Fort of Anoopgarh, Birbal Chowk, Gol Bazaar, Indo-Pak Border, Durga Mandir, Balajee Dham, Hanuman Mandir, Sri Ram Temple etc.

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