Tour to Gadchiroli
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Welcome to Gadchiroli,

Gadchiroli is the district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Gadchiroli District was created on August 26, 1982 by the separation of Gadchiroli and Sironcha town from Chandrapur District. Most of the land in this district is covered with forest and hills. The main river basin of the district is Godavari which borders the southern boundary of the district and flows west to East.

This district is famous for bamboo and tendu leaves. The district is famous for tribal folk dances such as Dander, Gondi and Gondhali. It is well known for Shiv Temple at Markanda.

Famous Places in Gadchiroli

This is situated on the confluence of three rivers, namely, Indravati, PamulGoutami and Parlekota. The waterfall at Binagonda and the surroundings near by are beautiful.


This sacred place, also known as Prashant Dham, is situated on the confluence of rivers Wardha and Wainganga in Chamorshi taluka. The Hanuman temple here is spectacular. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated here with great festivity.

Glory of the Forest, Allapalli

It is famous for the VanVaibhav forest.

Mahal Amgaon

Situated in Chamorshi taluka, the temples here are well known for their beautiful sculptures.

Shiv Temple at Markanda, Chamorshi

Markandadeo village is a popular place of God 'Shiva' and is grandeur for religious people not only in Maharashtra but also everywhere in India. It comes under the revenue jurdiction of Chamorshi Tahsil in Gadchiroli district. Village population is about 1000. The village is situated on the bank of Vainganga River.

Since ancient times, Markanda is a religious place in this taluka. One can find a Hemadpanthi Mahadeo temple with delicate carvings. The deity here is known as Markand-dev. The surroundings of the temple are extremely pleasing. A fair is held every year on Mahashivratri.


This is a sacred place situated on the confluence of rivers Godavari and Pranhita. Every twelve years, on the occasion of SinhasthaParva, a fair is held where people across the country visit the place.

Vairagarh Fort

A historical town in Armori taluka, the Vairagarh fort here was once the capital of Gond King Raja Virat. Hemadpanthi temples of Bhandareshwar and Gorjai are also found here. Construction and digging in this area needs special permission of the Government as relics continue to be discovered here even today.

Also known as Rudramal, his fort is adjacent is a famous fort. Though Vajragad has many 3-4 cisterns, they don't hold potable water, especially in summer. So better to take enough water from base village itself.

Other Places
  • Water Fall, Binagonda, Hanuman Temple, Chaprala etc.