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Welcome to Dadra and Nagar Haveli City,

Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a Union Territory in western India. Nagar Haveli is wedged between Maharashtra and Gujarat,bwhereas Dadra is an enclave lying a few kilometres north of Nagar Haveli in Gujarat. Its capital is Silvassa.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli are in the watershed of the Daman Ganga River, which flows through the territory. The towns of Dadra and Silvassa both lie on the north bank of the river. The Western Ghats range rises to the east, and the foothills of the range occupy the eastern portion of the district. The territory is landlocked, although the Arabian Sea coast lies just to the west in Gujarat.

Famous Places in Dadra and Nagar Haveli City
Damanganga River, Dudhni

Dudhni, located 40 kms from Silvassa and 20 kms from Khanvel, is an aquaserene tourist resort, and ideal to explore water sports. It has a large water front of the Damanganga River with a variety of water sports equipment, like jet skis, speed boats and shikaras. The accommodation in cottages is a sought after retreat for city dwellers. The restaurant serves delicious sea food, as is in restaurants of Silvassa.

Himaivan Health Resort, Kauncha

A twenty bedded super luxuries health resort has been completed near the water front at Kauncha - Dudhani which will provide a new concept of Health tourism in the tranquil woodlands of Kauncha village.

Hirwavan Garden, Pipariya

Another beautiful garden at the entry point at Silvassa is named after a tribal deity 'Hirwa' the green godess. The water play is a theme here and can be seen in the form at roaring waterfall, cascading rivulet, gurgling springs streams all merging in a waterbody. The visitors are fascinated with the sight of colourful shrubs, criss crossing footpaths and kiosks for the sitout . The children play section offers variety of play equipments. The centrally located garden is popular with the visiting.

Island Garden, Silvassa

If the macho heroes and their petite beauties dancing around the gardens, woods and bridges transforms into a different world then one look at the Island Garden would make you skip a heartbeat. This gardens situated around 4 kms from Silvassa has been very strategically beautified around a very picturesque lake. If the garden looks familiar to you blame it on Bollywood for its these guys who have utilised the beauty of Island Garden optimally for creating beautiful blockbusters. The familiar sights from the Garden are the pastoral wooden bridges, oceans of flowing colourful flowers, entwined paths for the ardent health freaks, amazingly real thatched huts and not to forget the ever inviting paddle boat ride in the lake. The Island Garden presents itself as a complete package and missing them might not be popular option if the family hands count is taken.

Kauncha, Silvassa

Kauncha, 40 km south of Silvassa, is a tranquil place with tile roofed cottages. Trekkers love it . pitching a tent on the bank of the Madhuban Dam and gazing at the stars is the perfect way to end a day of adventure. Jet skies, rowing boats, kayaks and canoes are available for those who like water sports. The Himai Van Health Resort issurrounded by tribal villages at the foothills of the Western Ghats.


Khanvel, 20 km south of Silvassa, is surrounded by lush green hills. The river Sakartod flows by, and in the forests you can spot flying foxes, fruit bats, flycatchers and barbets. The drive from Silvassa to Khanvel is a pleasant one, passing majestic trees and tribal villages. You can get all your tourist information at Silvassa or the tourism department for Dadra and Nagar Haveli or Silvassa.

The Vanvihar Tourist Complex at Chauda offers every facility needed to convert the laziest person into a lover of the great outdoors. The complex has native style cottages, a cactus house and a deer park.

Lion Safari Wildlife Park, Silvassa

The Lion Safari Wildlife Park occupies around 25 hectares of the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary. The Safari zone has been cordoned from rest of the area using a seven meter chain-link wall that stretches for almost 3 Km. The Safari itself is mostly covered on the 3Km road network inside the zone and the entrance to the zone is restricted through two outer and inner entrance gates. The Safari riders are provided with specially caged vehicles. The Lion Safari is an effort to provide a home for the Asiatic lion (Panthera Leo).The tribal are heavily dependent on the nature for all their day-to-day needs. The area of 92 Sq. Kms Of forests near Dadra and Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary was declared reserved forest in 2000.


Luhari, 14 km from Silvassa, is for visitors looking for an absolutely relaxed break close to Mother Nature. The resorts here have machan style cottages close to forested areas. For the adventurous, trekking trails and camps are organised in the surrounding woods and wildlife sanctuary ; very close to Silvassa.

Mini Zoo and Bal Udyan, Silvassa

There is also a Mini Zoo and Bal Udyan at Silvassa. The colorful birds, mischievous monkeys, awesome pythons and sleepy crocodiles coupled with swings, slides and merry-go-rounds render this site every kid's dream come true.


On the way to Khanvel, Satmalia has a wildlife sanctuary with many species of antelope. Many other animals "including sambhar and chital deer, and black bucks" and a wide variety of birds - including the flameback woodpecker, peacocks, and thrushes can be spotted. The machan (watch tower) near the water hole provides an incredibly panoramic view of the sanctuary and Madhuban Dam.

Tapovan Tourist Complex, Bindrabin

The famous historic temple of Lord Siva is located (18 Kms. From Silvassa and 2 Kms. From Khanvel) at Bindrabin and devotees make a bee line to seek blessing of the diety. Since there were no facilities for accommodation, the Department has provided 3 Cottages, Restaurant and amusement park with fountains and well laid garden.

Tribal Museum, Silvassa

The U.T., of Dadra and Nagar Haveli is predominantly inhabited by the tribals. The museum has displayed their ornaments, musical instruments, fishing and hunting gadgets, agricultural and house hold articles, and several other artefacts. The tribals way of life is displayed through life size models, wedding dresses and photographs of eventful ceremonies. The museum is popular with the tourists as it offers the glimpse of the native tribals and their culture at one place.

Vandhara Udyan, Silvassa

Vandhara Udyan at Silvassa is a riverside park with sprawling lawns dotted with exquisite pavilions, an ideal site for picnic buffs.

Vanganga Lake and Garden, Dadra

A beautiful lake Garden Vanganga is located at the entrance of the U.T. of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and this beautiful garden at Dadra (6km from Silvassa ) is spread over an area of 7.58 hects. The garden created with central island is connected with bridges in Japanese style. The major attraction are its water spread framed with tree line, boats, fountains, restaurants and jogging track on an average 4.00 lakhs tourists visits the garden annually. The garden is very popular with filmmakers and more than 40 Hindi film hit songs have been picturised here.

Vanvihar Tourist Complex, Chauda

Since there was no accommodation available for the people, the department has created 36 bedded luxury and Economic class Accommodation at Chauda (20 Kms. From Silvassa ) The surrounding area has been landscaped and tourists throng in thousands to see and enjoy the location apart from the tourists staying in the complex. The Department has built a small check dam on the adjoining river Sakartod to operate boating facilities.


The famous Lion Safari at Vasona, spread over 20 hectares, is a huge attraction. Visitors are driven in vans that are fitted with net mesh screens to admire the lions in their natural habitat.

Water Sports Centre, Dudhani

With the commissioning of Madhuban Dam on the downstream side of river Damanganga, a large water front has formed near Dudhani (40 Kms from Silvassa). For adventure loving tourists, the department provide water scooters, acquabikes, bumper boats, speed boats, kayaks, canoes and passenger boats at the Water Sports Centre, Dudhani.


As a child, if a trip to the zoo was your favorite outing, then a trip to Dadra and Nagar Haveli, including capital city Silvassa, will make you feel like you are five again. 40% of the Union Territory, inclusive of Silvassa, is under forest cover, and this has led to a rich bio-diversity - ideal for a wide variety of birds and animals. The lion safari at Vasona, deer parks at Khanvel and Satmaliya, and myriad jungle hide outs are straight out of a fairytale, making the place a favoured playground for every nature and wildlife enthusiast. There's a lot for kids too, with plenty of children's parks and gardens and a mini-zoo at Silvassa.

As you trek through the forests of Silvassa or any forest throughout Dadra and Nagar Haveli, inhale the aroma of rare herbs, watch the butterflies flit from flower to flower and listen carefully for the flutter of a Blue Jay's wings. Just remember, you're on their territory, so disturb the animals as little as possible. You can get more tourist information about eco-tourism, agri-tourism, the tribal culture, water sports or the wildlife of Silvassa at the tourism department of Silvassa or Dadra and Nagar Haveli. You can also get information about travel, hotels, places to visit, tourist complexes, holiday themes or tours in Silvassa and also through Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Yatri Niwas, Silvassa

A budget tourist accommodation with multi purpose facilities at Silvassa is being provided with 40 bedded accommodation to begin with. In addition to the above major tourist attractions, there are several other places of tourist importance like Vandhara Garden, Historic church, Madhuban dam all around Silvassa to fill in the gaps of tourists itinerary. Besides all this tourist places, Tourism Department also celebrate various festivals during the year.

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