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Welcome to Chikhaldara Hill Station,

Amaravati is famous for various temples. Apart from the many temples, there is also found located in the district the famous site of Chikaldara Hill Station. It has been mentioned even in the Mahasbharata(Hindu Epic) as the place where Bhim had killed the villainous Keechaka in a Herculean bout and threw him into a valley. It came to be known as "Keechakadhara". The name Chikhaldara is later a corruption.

It has the added distinction of being the only coffee growing area in Maharashtra. It abounds in wildlife - panthers, sloth bears, sambars, wild boar,even the rarely seen wild dogs. Located close by is the famous Melghat Tiger Reserve which has more than 100 tigers. The scenic beauty of Chikhaldara can be enjoyed from Hurricane point, Prospect point and Devi point.

Famous Places in Chikhaldara Hill Station
Amner Fort

It is located beyond village 'Kalamkhar' near village 'Zilpi' about 10 km. from 'Dharni' on 'Barhanpur Road'. The Fort is constructed in burnt bricks and it is located at the concluence of rivers Tapti, Sipna and Gadga. The view from the top of the Fort of the concluence from about and hight of more than 100ft. gives one idea of the magnifications of the fort.

Bakadari and Kalalkund

This again is a high waterfall. This magnificient waterfall can be reached from Aadnadi along the mandatory string about five kilometers. Kalalkund falls about a km. before the Bakadari Waterfall. As we approach Bakadari the middling partition is flanged by high ridges . This is recognize as most magnificient waterfall in the whole area .

Bhim Kund(Kichakdara)

It is mythological important place for pilgrims. Bhima killed Kichaka and throw his body in the valley called 'Kichakdara' and he bath in the nearby lake, which is then reknowned as Bhim-Kund. This place is situated in south near Alladhoh village on the way from pratwada to chikhaldara via motha. Bhim-Kund is nearly 3500 ft. deep. It offers facinating view of the waterfall and cascades during rainy season. It is recognizing on the bir point.

Bir Lake

This Lake is built under british government rule in Dec 1890. This lake is built in besalt. It is used for soldiers in the british government rle hence called as Bir Lake. The water was initially used for Chikhaldara town. It also has a old garden but it is not well maintained.

Devi Point

This point is nearer to the shakkar lake and it is at 1.5km. from Chikhaldara Busstation. we have to go down by using steps.There is a temple of Goddess inside the huge stone. We have to enter the temple carefully because the height is very short. The water is falling continuously from that stone inside the temple. The overflow water falling from shakkar lake is looking like a waterfall. This Goddess is main and important holyplace for 'Korku'.


It is about 10Kms from Paratwada. It has large waterfall and cascade during rainy season's. Howevere access is dificult and one has to walk 5kms from village Chota Barhanpur.

Gawilgarh Fort

Gawilgrah is located on a Chikhaldara Platau is set to be eshtablished in the 12th century by a Gawali King a decendent of yadavas of devgiri. However this fort built in mud was Forty Fide by the bahamani being Ahmad Shah Wali. The fort under wrote further underwent fortyfication around 1471. The forte stand on a lafty mountain on consists of a inner fort.

The Fatheh Darwaza, Kichakdara Darwaza and Delhi Darwaza. The Delhi Darwaza consists of three gateways. The outer most gateways has a symbol with a pam tree with on a both either side tiger holding in its close and mouse five elighants. The Gawilgarh Fort is regarded as suparior fort in strength and lafty and to be master of Gawilgarh men of mistry of Berar.

Goraghat Point

On the upper platau, the road of the vairat near village 'Pandhari' there is a M.T.D.C. resort. There is a way of Goraghat points beside the M.T.D.C. resort. There is no noice for that reason we have to enjoy a natural beauty.

Government Garden

The upper platau area of Chikhaldara is with full of dense trees, and locality of living people is negligible. The government garden is at upper platau. The garden is open for visitors is at morning 8.00am to evening 7.00pm. The old name is 'Company Garden'. Because it is constructed by the foreners. Many years ago, Gawali people is situated on this gardan area. But they are migrated in the wast side. This side is called 'Pandhari Village'.

Various flowers and plants is also available in this garden. The swimming tank facility is also provided by the 'Hanuman Vyam Prasarak Mandal'. The special area of this garden is saved for rose tree. Many rare plants in cold air region is also available. The mini train is the special attraction of this garden.

Hariken (Hurricane) Point

It is situated at southern region of the upper platau of chikhaldara near government gardan. We can see the Gawilgarh fort, Mozari village, Vairat hills and the huge area of the under the hills side.

Kalapani Lake and Shivsagar Point

This is a small road at north just never whereform we often going towards upperplatau. If we go onwords by this road there is a kalapani lake. There is a small temple of lord rama. This lake is constructed by the Maharashtra Jivan Pradhikaran Mandal.

This road is directly goes through the Shivsagar point. The end of this road we have to climb up the hill by walking. From this point there are many layers of Satpuda parwat will be seen. The sunset is also very beautiful to seen from this point. The hariken, goraghat, mozari, vastapur and shahanur lake is also possible to see.

Mahadev Temple

his temple is at 6km. from the KalaPani Lake. There is a way from Mozari village to go towards this temple. The people visited this temple in large nos. in the month of 'Shrawan' on every monday.

Malviya or Sunrise Point

There is a village of 'Gawali People' known as 'Lawhada' which is at beside of I.T.I. college on Chikaldara-Paratwada road. The road going through this village 'Lawhada' is forward towards Malviya Point. We have to go down by using steps to see the points. We can also see the some part of Bhimkund valley and Paratwada city. The facing of this point towards East for that reason the sunrise is very beautiful to see.

Monkey Point

There is a Maharashtra Forest Rainger's College on the road of 'Vairat'. The monkey point is at the college area. The deep valley is going from this point. The base of this valley is not seen in our naked eye. There is no railing on this point.

Mozari Point

This point is at 2km. distance on the way going from hotel green. There is a permanant Heli-Pad. There is a way going towards mozari village for this points it is called as Mozari points. If we look east from this point we can see Hotel Resort Mayura. We can also see Devi Point area and west side of Gawilgarh fort.


It is Jain religious place which falls in M.P. but it is just 7kms. from paratwada. The 52 small temples constructed on the high slopes connected by stairs with the magnificient waterfall providing background to the entire landscape is the major attraction during Monsoon.


There are two museum at chikhaldara area, one of them is at Maharashtra Forest Rainger's College, Chikhaldara. The sample of wild animals and plants are also available to see. One of the rare 'focils' is also available. Another museum is of Tiger Project, for that we have to go through the way which is turning from 'Yoga Training Center'. The sample of animals and plants are also put in this musiam. Apart from this the information for the leaving standard and customs of local main tribe is 'Korku'.

Narnala Fort

Narnala Fort was built scientifically considering natural interference like rain winded. Narnala alias shahanur fort consiss of three small forts namely Zafrabad. Narnala and Teliagarh. This is historically very famous fort which is very deep and with dense forest land situated on the hills of Satpuda i.e. at the hilly side of the Melghat. Nowaday's we can reach to fort by vehicle.

Panchbol Point

This is one of the famous and important point, we can exparience the magic of nature here. There is a tar road from the bir Lake towards this valley from north side. we can see cofee plantation on the way where we going towards this point. This is at 4km. from Bir Lake. This is very deep valley. The five hills edges are connected naturally which is also connected all valley and finally its becomes a comman huge valley. we can heard reflected sounds five time's when shouted louded there. That's why this point is known as Five Eco Point or commonly called Panchbol Point. Actually we can heard four return voice is to heard, the fifth one is not clearly heard.

Prospects Point and Thakur Point

On the way of 'Pandhari Village' there is a 'Deepshikha Military School'. There is a two way in this school one is for Prospects points and one is for Thakur points. On the Thakur point there is a large view of Semadhoh deep forest.

Semadhoh Tiger Project

Tiger Project is started in the year 1973 at Melghat. Large area of the forest is covered under this project. The area of this Tiger Project is spread from Narnala Fort up to Dhakana, Semadhoh, Raipur, Doma. The 25kms long road , from Chikhaldara to Semadhoh is going through the deep and dense forest. We can feel fresh, when we just go through that way . We can see wild animals like Peacock, Dear, Wolf, Pig Gourus etc. when we go through that way.

The Tiger Project Resort is situated at semadhoh. At very chipest rate it is available for tourism. The Musiam is at resort. The slide show on the wild animal is available there. There is a arrangement of mini bus on 4'o clock in the evining and on 5'o clock in the morning for wondering inside the reserved area of the forest. You have to pay some money for this mini bus. In this reserved area of forest we can see the various wild animal like Leopard, Tiger, Beer, Wild Buffelo, Deer, Wolf, Snakes and various Birds.

Shakkar Lake

Shakkar Lake is on the way going towards Gawilgarh fort. The water from this lake is used for water supply office by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. There is arrangement of water boats also. The tourist can enjoy the Speed Boat, Pidal Boat, Scooter Boat etc.

Sunset Point

The point is situated on the Vairat hills at Vairat. Which is considered to be King's Vairat capital in the Mahabharata era. Sunset is very attractive to see. Chikhaldara in the east from here and on west lie the numerous hill ranges beffitting the name Satpuda's.

Vairat Goddess

Vairat is a small village nearly about 10kms. from Chikhaldara. In between Chikhaldara and Vairat a natural pool is there, it is very beautiful to see. There is a ancient devi-temple. But it is very critical to reach that temple. At the starting of the ancient devi-temple, to our facilitate, people built a new devi-temple. Ancient Goddess temple is situated in west to Vairat hills. One has to pass the valley with the help of rope to reach the mount of undeerground way after passing 100 to 150 ft. underground one can reach to original temple.

Other Places
  • M.P. Queen Benglow, Water Harvesting Center etc.

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