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Welcome to Cachar (Silchar),

Cachar is a district in the state of Assam in India. It's headquarters is Silchar. Silchar is situated by the banks of the Barak River in what is popularly known as Barak Valley. Rice is the staple cereal. Fish is also widely consumed. Shutki (the local name for dried fish), shidal chutney and chunga-r peetha (sticky rice cakes prepared inside bamboo sticks) are some of the local delicacies. It is a must visit place and yhe reason for this is the large number of tourist attractions that it offers to the visitors. Right from natural beauty to architectural splendor, you will find the tourist places in Silchar to offer a large variety.

The Barak River flows through this. Most parts of the banks of the Barak River are lined with small and beautiful villages concealed in groves of slender areca palms, broad-leaved plantains and feathery bamboos, and in all seasons of the year, the country looks fresh and green. Some of the famous places are Hajo, Khaspur, Jatinga, Badarpur Fort, Maniharan Tunnel, Maibong etc.

Famous Places in Cachar (Silchar)
Badarpur Fort

The Badarpur fort situated on the bank of Barak River is an important historic place of Barak valley. The Fort is about 16 kms away from Badarpur Railway station.


Bhairab-Bari is located about 20 kms from Silchar west of Lakipur. There is a shrine of Lord Shiva on a hillock about 50 meters high- known as Bhairab Bari. The installation is ascribed to King Lakshmi Chandra.

Bharambaba Temple

Bharambaba Temple is situated at Silkuri grant. This is located at a distance of about 18 kilometres from Silchar , on the way to Hailakandi. The two stone images of Lord Brahma and Lord Lakhinarayan are placed there in the temple. A large number of people gather in the temple on Rash Purnima and Magha Purnima every year.

Bhubaneswar Temple

A very beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Bhubaneswar temple is visited by large number of local people and tourists from all over the world especially during Hindu festivals. The Bhubeneswar temple situates at a distance of about 50 k.m. from Silchar and is located on the top the Bhuvan hill.

Dolu Lake

One of the most beautiful lake in Silchar and a photographer's delight, this lake is a peaceful spot to spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones.

Gandhibag Park

The Gandhibag Park, named after Mahatma Gandhi, is situated at the centre of Silchar. It is a beautiful, big park that is known for its vast greenery in the midst of a growing city. Exhibitions and fairs or melas are regularly held at the Gandhibag Park. The most prominent and famous mela held at the Gandhibag Park is the annual Gandhi Mela that sees artisans displaying their handicrafts and handloom work in the same ground. The Gandi Mela is held during the month of January.


Hajo is not only an ancient place but it is also a fine representation of integration. In the land where people follow different faiths, it is essential to maintain harmony and integration. Hajo has holy shrines that represent three religions namely Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Hajo is located on Brahmaputra River banks. The most renowned temple in the land is the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir, which is on Monikut Hill. It is believed to belong to 6th century. Since the temple represents both Hinduism and Buddhism, it is considered a holy site by followers of both faiths. Hajo Powa Mecca in Hajo is a pilgrimage centre for followers of Islam. Since it is believed that soil from Mecca was used in the construction of Hajo Powa Mecca, it is considered a holy site. It is located on Garurachal Hill.


The ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Temple is located in the heart of Silchar in a locality named Ambica Patty. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and serves as an important attraction for tourists and the local residents of the town. The temple has idols of Gaudiya Vaishnava (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) along with the idols of Krishna and Radha. Standing tall at close to 50 feet the temple overlooks the locality and is famous for its architecture.

The temple draws huge crowds during the festivals of Janmasthami and Durga Puja every year where thousands of people are served the Holy Prasad at the temple premises. The monks at the temple also involved in much charitable work for the poor and the downtrodden in and around Silchar. The delicious vegetarian meal that is served every day for the devotees is a significant attraction with the tourists visiting this temple.


Popularly referred to as 'The valley of death for birds', Jatinga is a scenic village situated south of Haflong. The valley in which Jatinga is located is famous for orange orchids. Migratory birds visit this place in great numbers. Some of the species attracted to such light sources leading to death include tiger bittern, little egret, kingfishers and Indian pitta.

Kachari Fort

Kachari Fort is situated at Khaspur, which was the capital of Kachari Empire. The fort is a famous historic monument that stands proof of the rich cultural heritage of the bygone era. The ruins reflect the influence of non-Aryan culture. During the 18th century, Khaspur was conquered by Kachari rulers following the death of Koch king without heir to the throne. After conquering Khaspur, Kachari rulers made it their capital and constructed Kachari Fort.


To attempt to understand the rich cultural past of Assam, you need to visit Khaspur, which is 20 km away from Silchar. Khaspur was Kachari Kings' capital. Constructed in 1690 AD, Khaspur of today holds the ruins of ancient times to highlight the historical significance of the place. Among the ruins, you will find The Sun Gate and The Lion Gate to attract tourists from all over.

Lord Shiva Mandir

Lord Shiva Mandir is 35 km from the township of Silchar is the famous Shiva Mandir. It is situated on the top of Bhuban Hills. The temple is a renowned tourist spot of the region, where pilgrims and devotes from all over the state come to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of the Lord. Inside the main sanctum of the temple are the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati. From Silchar, it is quite easy to visit the place, as daily buses operate to the base of the hill, from where the remaining distance can be covered on foot.


A picturesque destination located near Silchar and was the former capital of Kachari. It is one of the major attractions in Silchar and tourists can absorb the mesmerizing natural beauty while visiting this place. It is widely known as for its beauty and is also popular for Ramchandi temple. Stone carvings, sculptures and ruins of ancient kingdom stand proof of the architectural excellence possessed by the people of the land. Ramchandi Temple is a famous tourist spot in Maibong. The inscription in the temple dates back to 1761 AD.

Maniharan Tunnel

The Maniharan Tunnel in Silchar, is one of the most popular destinations in the area, amongst tourists and pilgrims alike. The tunnel lies around 5km away from the famous Bhubaneswar Temple, and according to popular beliefs, it was used by Lord Krishna a long time ago. The tunnel, which lies atop the holy river Tribeni, also has the famous Maniharan temple in its premises which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. There are plenty of lodging options available near the tunnel, ranging from affordable guest houses, to high end luxury hotels.

Martyrs' Tomb

Located at Gandhi Bag, on the banks of a lake, are the 11 tombs of the martyrs who dedicated their lives fighting for the language movement of Assam, in 1964. This site is a must-visit for the Bengalis, as the language movement was primarily fought to make Bengali the official language of the Cachar district of Assam. A little further from this area are two more attractions - Harisava and the temple of Goddess Lakshmi Devi.

Narsingha Akhra

There is an old temple established at Tullapatty (Silchar town) perhaps in about 1846 AD by a Sadhu named Bhagwan Das Ramayati hailing from Ayodhya . Many devotees visit this "Akhra" everyday.

Palace of Kachari Kings

The palace of the Kachari kings is situated at a distance of about 10 km from Silchar. The Kachari dynasty was a mighty and powerful dynasty, belonging to the Bodo Tribe-Kachari ethnic group. The archaeological remnants of this strong and advance kingdom still lie in Khaspur, which was their last capital.

Paper Mill

The Paper Mill of the Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited, at Panchgram, is one of the biggest paper mills in Asia and is located a few kilometers from Silchar, en route to Badarpur. This mill was established by late Moinul Haq Choudhury, who was the minister of the region during the 1960s. The entire region is surrounded by lush greenery and people often come here to explore the mill and enjoy the natural scenery.


About 22 kms away from Silchar on the way to Kumbhirgram airport a Vishnu temple at salganga is another tourist attraction.

Shri Sidheswar Shiva Temple

There is an old shrine at Badarpurghat on the bank of Barak River. This old "Shrine", dedicated to the Supreme God of Hindu Religion "Lord Shiva". This temple was built on an old rock. In this holy place, the image of Lord Shiva in the form of a lingam and some other deities are placed and people from all the place come and pay their homage to this Hindu God. The main lingam of the temple was made of stone and was installed in the days of yore by a saint named Kapila, Indian Ancient Philosopher. Every year on the occasion of Baruni, thousands of people gather there for the purpose of congregation. This gathering is known as "Baruni Mela.

Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple

Situated 17 kms from Silchar, Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple is a very famous temple, which is considered very powerful. Dedicated to a Goddess who is the combine of Kali and Durga, the temple was said to be built by a Kachari king on receiving a command in dream. The temple was constructed in 1806 but what we see now is a new temple built in place of the old temple, which was destroyed due to natural disaster.

Srikona Bara Bazaar

Silchar's Srikona Bara Bazar is a shopper's paradise with a spread of local handicrafts and artefacts to choose from. Colorful and superflous, the market has something for every buyer.


Umrangshu, a scenic hill station is a very popular tourist spot. Located in the spectacular North Cacher Hill region, Umrangshu spellbinds you with its beauty. Nature in its true form can be experienced here. Yet another famous tourist spot named Garampani is located 7 km away from Umrangshu. Garampani is a hot spring, which is considered to have medicinal properties. The pleasant weather and the picturesque landscape invite you and thanks to the well-developed roads, accessing the place is easy.