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Welcome to Buldhana,

Buldhana is the district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located on the top of a mountain in Ajanta ranges, in central India and is about 900 m above sea level.

Tourism in Buldhana includes visiting places of both religious as well as historical significance. There are a number of places located here where the tourist can go to get and idea of the district's rich historical traditions. One of the most famous tourist locations here is the Lonar crater. It is among one of the five largest craters in the world, and the third largest saltwater lake in the world. There are many places of interest located in and around the crater as well. Among the religious places located here are the Hanuman murti, Shri. Sant Gajanan Maharaj and Sailani Baba's Dargah.

Famous Places in Buldhana
Amba-barva Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located in Buldana District of Vidarbha region. The sanctuary consist of 2.38 private land and 124.73 Forest land. The forest is Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests. Teak, Ain, Salai, Dhawada are the main tree species. The area is ideal habitat of Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Wildboar, Barking deer, Chousinga (Four horned deer) and birds.

Best time to visit: October to February. However for animal watching the best time is from April to 15th June.

Anand Sagar, Shegaon

Shegaon is a town in Buldana district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Shegaon is now fast developing into a tourist spot with the construction of "Anand Sagar", a INR 3000 million project with landscapes, meditation room, water reservoir, and wonderful artifacts and sculptures.

The entrance of Anand Sagar is quite impresive; cause it is made in such a structure that would mesmerise the tourists.

Balaji Temple, Deulgaon

Deulgaon is a Town in Buldhana district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Deulgaon has an old Balaji Temple which is also popularly known as "Tirupati" of Maharashtra.This temple is founded by Raje Jagdeorao Jadhav in 1665.

Every year there is a local festival called 'Shri Balaji Maharaj Yatra' in the month of October.'Latha Mandapotsav' is major attraction of the Yatra. 42 nos. of 'Mandaps'are erected in front of Lord Balaji's Temple with the help of 21 wooden pillars called 'Lata'. These wooden pillars are made from Teak wood.Height of each pillar is @ 30 feet and diameter is @ 1.0 foot.

Mandapotsav is celebrated one day before 'Dasara'. On the 10th day from 'Dasara', these wooden pillars are allowed to fall down after 'kirtan','kala'and 'dahihandi'. It is also called as 'Lalit'.

Balaji Temple, Mehkar

Mehkar is a town in Buldhana district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was previously known as 'Meghankar Nagari'. Mehkar is located near Lonar Lake.

It has a temple to the Hindu god, Balaji that is more than 120 years old. The documents written on copper found with Balaji's sculpture are now in the British Museum, England.

Daitya Sudan Temple, Lonar

Daitya Sudan Temple has beautiful carvings similar to what is seen at Khajuraho temples. The idol of this temple is made of an ore with high metal content and looks like stone. Area out-side the sanctum is dark and the ceiling reveals beautiful carvings under a torch light.

It is a Vishnu temple dated to the Chalukya Dynasty which ruled Central and Southern India between the 6th and 12th centuries. It belongs to the Hemadpanthi class and is built in the form of an irregular star. The exterior walls are covered with carved figurnes. The plinth of the temple is about 1.5 m in height, and the unfinished roof suggests an intended pyramidal form for the tower.

Dnyanganga Sanctuary

Dnyanganga Sanctuary is situated 8 km from Buldhana and 20 km from Khamgaon town of Maharashtra. It is close to the Buldhana Taluk of Buldhana District, near the Dnyanganga River. There are two lakes within the 205 sq km sanctuary.

Leopards, sloth bears, barking deer, blue bulls, spotted deer, hyenas, jungle cats and jackals along with tigers give more attraction. About 150 species of birds are there. The ideal time to visit the sanctuary is from January to June. Wild animals are best sighted from February to May.


Khamgaon is an industrial town and an emerging corporate tehsil in the Buldhana district. Khamgon is also famous for Durga Utsav which is held by Indian month "Ashwin Shukla Paksha" after Vijaya Dashmi. This festival is only held in Khamgaon city in the whole India. The goddes Durga is called as "Mothi Aaye(DEVI)". Mothi Devi Utsav started from "Kojagiri Pournima" and onwards for Ten days.

- 'Dharma Baskar Sant Pachalegaonkar Maharaj Math', which is dedicated to Datta is situated in Khamgaon. The Nirgun Paduka of Datta is also situated here, and according to the legends, it was given by Dattatreya to Pachalegaonkar Maharaj.

- The temple of wooden statue of great Ganesha called 'Ayyachee Kothi'. Also known by 'Laakadacha Ganapathy'. It is 6 feet tall and unique statue in Maharashtra. The Jagadamba goddess is the reigning deity of the Khamgaon. A temple dedicated to the goddess is situated west part of the town at 'Ghatpuri' on the way of Pimplegaon Raja. In the month of September there is a huge procession for the Navaratris and people flock in to visit and receive blessings of the Goddess.

Lonar Crater Lake

This place is situated in the Lonar Town in Buldhana District. Lonar ranks amongst the world's five largest craters. Lonar Lake, which was created by a meteor hitting the Earth during the Pleistocene epoch, is a saltwater lake at Lonar in Buldana district. Lonar Lake has a mean diameter of 1.2 kilometres (3,900 ft) and is about 137 metres (449 ft) below the crater rim. The meteor crater rim is about 1.8 kilometres (5,900 ft) in diameter. The circular depression bears a saline water lake in its central portion.

It is believed that this lake has been created around 52,000 years ago. . It is surrounded by forests with a large variety of birds, particularly peacocks, owls, red-wattled Lapwings and ducks. Gomukh Temple, is located along the rim of the crater. A perennial stream emerges from here and pilgrims visiting the temple bathe in the stream.

Lord Hanuman, Nandura

Nandura is a town in Buldana district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. There is the highest statue of Lord Hanuman in the world. The height of statue is 105 feet high situated besides national highway no. 6.

This statue is 105 feet tall, and the girth of the chest is around 70 feet. The base is around 30 feet, and the tail and the arm measure around 70 feet and 25 feet respectively.


Malkapur is a town and a municipal council in Buldhana district. Malkapur is also known as the entrance of Vidarbha. It is a major industrial and educational center in Buldhana district. Malkapur is known for producing cotton.

Old Durga Devi Temple, Nemivant Haveli, Sant Supoji Maharaj, Shri Vithal Rukmini Temple and Old Shiv Temple, Shri Nagzari Temple, Bhratrumandal Vithal Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple, Pachamukhi hanuman Temple etc are the famous tourist destinations in Malkapur.

Renuka Devi Temple, Chikhli

Chikhli is a town in Buldana district. Renuka Devi is deity of Chikhli. Renuka Devi temple is located in the heart of the town. The temple is a marvellous monument. Chaitra pournima is an auspicious day when Renuka Devi "Yatra" is organized.

In Chikhli, Lord Shiva Mandir in the old town is another spot worth visiting. The most striking feature of this place is the old mansion of Mahajan's. A huge house with over 100 rooms built in wood and rocks.

Sailani Baba`s Dargah

Sailani Baba wandered the forests and tamed many wild animals such as tigers, lions and other cats. His shrine is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, near Aurangabad. The rich dresses worn by most saints are probably an artist`s imaginative depiction of the `rutba` or spiritual stage the saint had attained. Promises of offerings to the Saint are, therefore, made with various motives, and on fulfilment of the desires, the things promised, such as `galaf`, sweets, etc., are offered.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegaon

Shegaon is famous for the Samadhi of Shri Gajanan Maharaj - a mystic saint as popular as Saibaba of Shirdi. Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj made his divine appearance in the year 1878 and enlightened millions. He attained samadhi on Bhadrapad Shukla Panchmi 08-09-1910.

The Samadhi Sansthan (Temple) is visited by millions of devotees from far and near. A large number of pilgrims can be seen here, some coming from various parts of India. Allegorically, Shegaon can be described as the Pandharpur of Vidarbha. Thousands of devotees pay their respects at the Samadhi every Thursday, which is regarded as a special day.

A beautiful temple of Lord Rama has also been constructed in the premises of the shrine. Fairs are held here at Shengaon on Ram Navami in Chaitra and on Rushi Panchami in Bhadrapada month of the Hindu calendar.

The Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan (Institution) Temple Trust runs the day to day affairs of the Temple; is headed by the Managing Trustees. Trust runs many services in the spiritual, religious, medical and educational fields. In particular, it runs Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College of Engineering (SSGMCE) a famous Engineering College in Vidarbha region.

Sindkhed Raja - Birth Place of Rajmata Jijabai

Sindkhed Raja, a small Town place in Buldhana district, situated 105 kms away from district is known world wide as the birth place of Rajmata Jijabai, the mother of the great Maratha warrior and king, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

There are a number of monuments in this small township which owe their existence to Rajmata Jijabai and her father Lakhuji Jadhav. These monuments like Kalkat, Rang Mahal, Tomb of Lakhuji Jadhav, Palace of Lakhuji Jadhav, ancient temple of Neelkantheshwar and Rameshwar have great heritage and architectural value.

Other Places
  • In Khamgaon Town : Januna Lake, Amrut Nagar, Botha Jungle, Vaghali Hanuman Temple, Vari Hanuman Temple etc.
  • Shri Bapuji Maharaj Temple, Malegaon, Supoji Maharaj Temple, Hanuman Mandir at Waghali, Sahakar Vidya Mandir, Hiwara Ashram/Swami Vivekanada Ashram etc.