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Welcome to Bilaspur,

Bilaspur is a district in Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The name 'Bilaspur' originated from Bilasa, a fisherwoman who founded it according to a legend. Bilaspur is the headquarters of South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. the largest and most profitable subsidiary of Coal India. The district of Bilaspur also has the largest number of cement factories in the state. Bilaspur is known for its aromatic Doobraj rice, handloom woven colorful soft Kosa silk saris, and more for its rich, varied and colorful culture and also famous for samosas of nitti and parotha of chikka.

Various archeological sites and temples in Bilaspur attract tourists from all over the world. Achanakmar Wildlife sanctuary is one of the renowned ecotourism spots in Chhattisgarh. Other places are Ratanpur, Talagaon, Malhar etc.

Famous Places in Bilaspur
Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1975 under the Wildlife Protection Act. This dense forest, which spreads over an area of 555 sq. km, is about 40 km from Bilaspur City. This sanctuary houses wild animals including tiger, leopard, chital, sambar, bear and various other animals. Several watch towers are erected at different places inside this sanctuary, from where tourists can clearly see the wild animals roaming in their natural habitat. From Bilaspur, tour for this jungle is organised by the forest department. Tourists can also use their own vehicles to tour the jungle.

Guides are provided by the forest department to ensure that tourists do not get lost inside the sanctuary. These guides are available at the check post in Achanakmar and Lamni. Keeping in view the needs of tourists, the forest department have setup several rest houses inside the sanctuary. An herbal cultivation centre is also setup by the department near Lamni.

Baba Nahar Singh Temple

This temple which houses the idol of Baba Nahar Singh is situated at Dholra and he is believed to be an incarnation of God. He has other names like Bajia, Peepal Wala amd Dalian Wala.


Baisakhi is a seasonal festival. It is celebrated all over the district by all the classes of people. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs celebrate it. It falls on the first day of Baisakh on the 13th of April. People put on new clothes and prepare halwa and other tasty dishes. A fair is held at many important places.

Deoli Fish Farm

This fish farm is situated on the road towards Mandi and it is at a distance of about 15kms from Bilaspur.Deoli Fish Farm was established n the year 1962 spreading over an area of about 4.4 hectares. The farm houses two big brood stock tanks and 14 nursery ponds.

Deorani Jethani Temple

In the process of excavation on the banks of River Maniyari in Talagaon, the Deorani Jethani Temples in Bilaspur, India were found. The retrieved structures on the site tell of the splendor of these temples. The major highlight of Deorani Jethani Temples is the statue of Rudra Shiva. This statue belongs to 6th century. The specialty of this statue lies in its intricate shape. On a close at the statue you will find that the bodily parts of the deity are exemplified through different animals and insects and it also contains several human faces on its body. This is truly a unique creation of the artist. In fact, it is the intricacy of this statue that draws the attention of both the art connoisseur and lay men. The soaring popularity of the temples is attributed immensely to this statue only.

Fort of Bahadurpur

This ancient monument of the Fort of Bahadurpur is situated in one of the highest point of the district near Tepra Village. Fort of Bahadurpur is at a distance of 40-kms from Bilaspur.

Fort of Sariun

This Fort of Sariun became significant during the truggle between the erstwhile State of Bilaspur and Kangra at the time of minority rule of Mohan Chand.It is at a distance of about 58-kms.from Bilaspur.

Gobind Sagar

Gobind Sagar is named after the last guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh.Gobind Sagar lake one of the most important place of interest in Bilaspur, is a huge reservoir on the Sutlej river. It spreads over an area of 170 sq km and its length extends up to 90 km.

Gugga Fair

This fair is held to commemorate Gugga, a Hindu Rajput young prince who overcame his enemies heroically. It is generally believed that the worships of Gugga saves from the danger from the snakes. Group of singers praise the heroic deeds of Gugga.It is celebrated in the month of August.

Kandrour Bridge

Kandrour Bridge at a distance of about 8kms from Bilaspur is one of the highest bridges in the world and it also ranks first in Asia. It took nearly 6 years to construct this bridge. The bridge is about 280 meters with a breadth of about seven meters and the height above the lowest river bed below is about 80 meters.

Khadia Dam

Khadia Dam, Bilaspur is located in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh. It lies near Lormi and is renowned for its charming surroundings. The emerald green lands and the natural flowing water of the Khadia Dam in Bilaspur will not only soothe your eyes but will also touch your heart. There are many places in Bilaspur that will grab your attention and will make you glued to the land. After visiting the famous Khadia Dam in Bilaspur, India you can even indulge in various adventure sports in the region. Some of the major water sports of the district are trekking, rock climbing, water sports, parasailing and bungee jumping.


It is also famous for it's religious importance. It is situated at 70 km. by road from Bilaspur. Kharaud has also so many ancient temples in which Lakshamaneshwar temple and temple of Shabri made of bricks are very famous.

Khuntaghat Dam

Khuntaghat Dam built on the Kharung River is located about 33 km from Bilaspur City on the Bilaspur-Ambikapur Highway. Over the years, it has developed into a wonderful picnic spot. It also comprises a beautiful garden and boating facility recently set up by the administration department. The irrigation department maintains a rest house, which can be booked by tourists to view the sight when water is released into the canal for irrigation.


It is also famous for it's historical importance. It is also known as "Chhittaurgarh of Chhattisgarh". It has a fort on the highest peek of Mekaal Mountain. It is also the origin point of Jatashankar river and was the first capital of the Calturian kings.

Laxmi Narayan Mandir

The original temple of Laxmi Narayan was in the old Bilaspur town was drowned in the Gobind Sagar Lake and only after this the new temple nestling the Lord Shiva, Laxmi Narayan, Lord Rangnath, Goddess Durga and Baba Bengali was built. This temple is close to the bus stand of the new Bilaspur.


Malhar, a small town of archaeological importance, is located in the Bilaspur District, just 30 km away from Bilaspur City. Ruins of temples, dating back to 10th and 11th century, have been excavated here. The Archaeological Survey of India has marked several other sites for excavation within the attraction. Malhar was once an important centre during the Kalchuri regime. A museum has been setup by the Archaeological Department to display the artefacts that have been excavated. Malhar and Budikhar are the two villages where several old artefacts have been found. Among these, the most prominent ones are the temples of Didneshwari, Pataleshwar and Dewari. At the popular Didneshwari temple, tourists can witness the beautiful black idol of Didneshwari Devi.

Markandeya Ji

It is believed that couples who dont have children when they visit this temple are said to blessed with children. This temple is situated at a distance of about 20 km from Bilaspur in a place known as Markanday and is named after the sage Rishi Markanday.

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple is a holy place which is dedicated to Shri Naina Devi, one of the forms of Maa Shakti. The Temple is located on the top of a hill in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, Naina Devi Mandir is one amongst the 51 Shakti Peeths which is connected to the National Highway No. 21 for the facility of pilgrims. The hill can be reached through a road by vehicles and to reach the summit, one can opt for concrete steps or cable car. The temple of Naina Devi is situated nearby about 7 miles from Anandpore Sahib on Bhakra Nangal rail -line. The temple is situated on Shivalik Mountain and devotees however have to cover a distance of above 2 km on foot.

Pataleswar Kedar Temple

Pataleswar Kedar Temple in Bilaspur is located in Mallhar that was once the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh. The temple is one of the most revered ones by the Hindus as it holds a very significant place among the various temples located in Bilaspur. It is visitec by a large number of devotees and tourists every year. The temple houses a Gomukhi Siva-ling which is the main attraction and is thus visited by lots of tourists every year. The sculpture of the temple edifice is simply unsurpassed and has intricate carvings on it. The scenic beauty all around the temple is also amazing and thus makes for a great place to unwind and find peace of mind here. As you step inside the temple compound you are reminded of the rich culture and heritage of the past and an unusual aura of bliss and delight envelops you.

Ram Tekri

Ram Tekri in Ratanpur has derived its name from the Ram-Janaki mandir with its splendid granite statues of Lord Ram, Sita and Lord Hanuman. It is visited by a large number of tourists and devotees who gather here on the auspicious occasions to offer prayers and to have their wishes fulfilled. It is highly revered among the holy places in Bilaspur.


Ratanpur is a town located about 25 km from Bilaspur City on NH-200 towards Ambikapur. This city was founded by King Ratnadev and was previously named Ratnapur. It was the capital of the Kalchuri Dynasty in 1000 AD and remained an important place for several centuries. The restoration work of the Ratanpur Fort has been completed by the Archaeological Survey of India, whose findings have been put on the National Archaeological Map. King Ratnadev built the Mahamaya Temple here, which has a dual idol of Goddesses Saraswati and Laxmi. This temple is recognised as a Sidh Peeth and is the most popular religious place in Chattisgarh. Tourists from different parts of the country visit this temple year-round to offer prayers and seek blessings. Several new temples, dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses have been built in the campus of the Mahamaya Temple. Navratri is celebrated with great zeal at the temple, during which many tourists visit this temple to offer prayers and light the jyoti. Fairs are organised here during this period, which are quite popular with the tourists.


It is also famous for it's religious importance. It is situated at 65 km. by road from Bilaspur. according to "Ramayan", Lord Ram has eaten the 'Ber' of Shabri at this place. This place has also some ancient temples as Narayan temple and Chandrachudeshwar temple. Shivrinarayan is also the meeting point of Mahanadi and Shivnath river.


Talagaon, a small village on the banks of Maniyari River, is located at a distance of 30 km from Bilaspur City. This village gained popularity after the excavation of the Deorani-Jethani Temple. This mandir is more than 1500 years old and houses a statue of Rudrashiv, which is still in excellent condition. The statue has a unique assembly of various animals, snakes and insects. Many human faces are designed on the different parts of the body. The temple walls are decorated with carvings and statues, which depict the stories of Lord Shiva. At the entrance of this temple, tourists can find artistic statues of several deities. Recently, a beautiful park has been developed around the temple, which adds to the beauty of the attraction. New carvings have been made on the walls of the temple, along the river bank.

Thakurdwara of Auhar

The Thakurdwara in Auhar was built by Rani Naggar Dei.The Thakurdwara nestles the idols of Shaligram' and 'Narsingha.The other features of this temple include the beautiful mural paintings. This place also accommodates a water tank and a guest house for the comfort of the travellers.

Other Places
  • Naras Devi Temple, Sheetla Temple etc.