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Welcome to Akola,

Akola is a city in the state of Maharashtra located in the Vidarbha region of West India. It is situated in the Amaravvati division.

Akola, also called Cotton City, is known for its cotton production and is the largest cotton-producing district in India. The city is also famous for its pulses (dal), oil, and textile mills. Akola is also known for its medical facilities. It is a major center for advanced medical treatments, such as the Elizarov Technique, IVF.

Akola District along with the rest of the Berar province was part of the legendary kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata. Berar also formed part of the Mauryan Empire during the reign of Asoka. Places to visit in the city are Akola Fort, Balapur Fort, Narnala Fort, Katepurna Sanctuary, Narnala Wildlife Sanctuary etc.

Famous Places in Akola
Akola Fort

Akola Fort(also called Asadgad or Asagad) along with the Narnala and Akot forts forms the major fortifications of the Akola district, Maharashtra, India. It is notable in that it is bereft of any decorative embellishments.There are several inscriptions on the fort. An inscription on the Dahi handa gate gives its date of constructions as 1114 AH (1697 CE), 'during the reign of emperor Aurangzeb when Nawab Asad Khan was minister.' Another on the Fateh Buruj bastion has no exact date. It too mentions the same minister but a different emperor (Shah Alam). One on the Eidgah, contains texts and statement that the building was finished by Khawja Abdul Latif in 1116 AH (1698 CE). On the Agarves gate an inscription in Marathi reads that Govind Appaji in 1843 CE constructed the fort. The latter statement contradicts all the other inscriptions.

Balapur Fort

The Balapur fort is situated about 26km from Akola city, at Balapur a small town located at the junction of the rivers Man and Mhais in central India. A historical town, with a massively built fort, which is probably the strongest in the Vidarbha and Khandesh regions of Maharashtra. The fort was started in 1721 by Azam Shah, the son of Emperor Aurangzeb and was eventually completed by Ismail Khan, who was the Nawab of Ellichpur.

Situated on an elevated ground between the two rivers, the fort has very high walls and bastions built of the best brickwork of its time. The fort has three gateways, one within the other. With Balapur hailed as an important military station during the times of the Mughals, the fort too was built keeping in mind the town s military responsibilities and position. Complex architecture used in the fort ensured its safety, as well as eased the discharge of missiles and other ammunition from within the fort, rendering it one of the most impenetrable forts in the county. During the rains, the Fort gets surrounded by floodwater except at one point. The temple of Bala Devi, from which the town has derived its name, lies just under the Fort, on the southern side.Also in Balapur,'Chatri' momento by Raja Jaisingh of his horse is famous as well.

Katepurna Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located in Akola district in Vidarbha region. It is in proximity of Akola and is mostly the catchment area of Katepurna reservoir. This reservoir mostly attracts water birds.

The land vegetation is southern tropical dry deciduous forest and the detailed list of plants includes more than 115 species. Major tree species found in this area are Bahada, Dhawada, Moha, Tendu, Khair, Salai, Aola, Teude, etc.

The sanctuary is famous for Four-horned Antelope and Barking Deer. Other animals are Black Buck, Wolf, Leopard, Hyena, Wild Boar, Nilgai, Hare, Jungle Cat, Monkey, etc. Many species of common grassland and wetland birds are seen. Peafowl is the common bird spotted by tourist. The Katepurna water reservoir attracts migratory birds.

Mahabeej Bhavan

Maharashtra Sate Seeds Corporation Ltd., popularly known by its brand name ?MAHABEEJ" is one of the largest and leading State Seeds Corporation among all State Seed Corporations in India serving in the larger interest of farmers from three decades with farmer's faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for upliftment of farmers with Glorious achievements. In Akola it is known as Mahabeej Bhavan.

Mahabeej is primarily engaged in production, processing and marketing of seeds of more than 50 crops and 250 varieties and hybrids in almost all categories i.e. Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops, Fodder, Green Manuring Crops and Hy. Vegetables. MAHABEEJ is located at Akola in Western Vidarbha, which is known as the center for Seed Sector of Maharashtra and the seat of agricultural education in the form of Dr. PDKV, Akola also house the headquarter of the State Seed Certification Agency. The Chairman of Mahabeej is Principal Secretary (Agriculture) to Government of Maharashtra and Managing Director is also a senior IAS officer based at Akola.

Narnala Fort

Narnala is an ancient fortress in the hills in the north of Akot, taluka at a point where a narrow tongue of Akola District runs a few miles in to the Melghat. It has a bungalow and sarai, through no caretaker, and carts can go only as far as this. Just across the courtyard is the tomb of Burhanuddin, some times called "the dogs' temple," and beyond it is the Shakkar talao, a tank of some little size.

Narnala Wildlife Sanctuary

The Narnala Sanctuary comprising of only 12.35 Sq Kms lies nestled in the Satpura Hill Ranges barely 60 Kms away from Akola. The Sanctuary, touching a maximum altitude of 933.50 msl, has temperature varying from 35 to 43 degree Celsius and an annual rainfall that varies from 500 to 900 mm, Lying south of the Melghat Tiger Reserve.

The area is well known for its richness of flora and fauna. The Sanctuary area has special historical, biological, mythological, archaeological, scenic and recreational values and is a point of attraction for the tourists and the people of Maharashtra. The rich and varied miscellaneous forests of the area provide natural habitat to birds and wild animals.

Narsingh Maharaj Temple

Narsingh Maharaj Mandir at Akot and Baladevi temple at Balapur both in Akola District are also famous religious temples near Akola.

Purna River

The word Purna means Complete. It is also equivalent to word 'Sampurna'. Purna River was also called as 'Payoshni' or 'Paisani'. ("Amrut") It is Sanskrit word which means Ambrosia. Perhaps it was called as Payoshni/Paisani because it flows through salt water belt but has very a good taste and is very Hygenic. It rises in the eastern Satpura Range of southern Madhya Pradesh state, and flows westward, draining Maharashtra's Marathwada, Vidarbha region before emptying into the Tapti River. The watershed lies mostly in eastern Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state and is nearly 7500 km?. It originates in Pokhran Village which is 2 KM away from Bhaisdehi. Bhaisdehi is a district place in Madhya Pradesh adjoining Amravati district of Maharashtra and flows through Akola, Buldhana, Jalgaon, Jalna, Parbhani districts. The river empties into the Gulf of Khambhat near the city of Navsari in Southern Gujarat. Length of Purna River is 170 km.

Raj Rajeshwar Temple

A pilgrimage to "Raj Rajeshwar Temple" in Akola is done by worshippers of Lord Shiva and has a great historical heritage. During the Marathi calendar month of 'Shravan', there is a large amount of devotees to Lord Shiva, especially on every Monday of the month. The month of Shravan is very sacred according to Hindus, and worshippers travel from long distances to Raj Rajeshwar Temple to worship Lord Shiva.

Shirpur(Antariksh Parshvanath)

There are some important historical forts at Akola, Balapur and Karanja towns. A large number of visitors are visiting Shirpur (a large village in Washim tehsil) to see the temple of Padmaprabha, one of the 24 Tirthankars of the Jains.The Black colored idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath is ancient and is famous amongst Jain Temples in Maharashtra. In addition to the above some important fairs are held in various parts of the district.

Sundarbai Khandelwal Tower

This is a monument situated in the main city, is in memory of Sundarbai, a eminent lady. This is a well known landmark of the city.

Other Places
  • Rivers : Shahanur, Vaan, Mann, Mas, Vishwamitri etc.
  • Temples : Birla Mandir(Shri Ram Temple), Shreenath Dutta Mandir, Jain Temple, Swami Samarth Muth etc.
  • Sulai and Khatkali Waterfall etc.