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Welcome to Dimapur,

Dimapur is positioned in the western part of Nagaland state and is the largest city in the state. The Dimapur periphery is formed by Dhansiri River on one side while the other side of the area has woody meadows and hills. Dimapur was the former capital of the Kachari tribe who were the residents of this place in the 13th century. Till today, the remains of their presence can be found here. Archeologists have found so many temples, and monuments which provide a glimpse of the past of this city.

The major attractions of the city apart from historical heritages are the handlooms and handicraft work which is done by the local people. These handicrafts and handlooms are very famous and provide an important means of livelihood to the people of this area. Rangapahar Reserve forest present in this city is the main attraction of this place as there are many medicinally important plants conserved here for their significance and also various animals can be seen here. Some of the endangered species can also be seen in this reserve which makes this place a must visit in the list of the tourists.

Famous Places in Dimapur
Chumukedima Village

is 8.2 km away from Sumi Town Baptist church and comprises of several waterfalls shedding crystal clear water. It is the district headquarters of Dimapur and is a census town. The village gives a panoramic view of the exotic city of Dimapur. This namesake village is a rapid growing urban hub of Nagaland. This village is at an almost 10 kilometres distance from Silchar railway station and 24 kilometres away from the headquarters of Dimapur. Local language of the village is English, which comes as a huge relief for foreign tourists.

Diezephe Craft Village

Diezephe Craft Village is located 13 kilometres from the main city and is supervised by the Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited. The aim of the craft village is to promote the rich arts, handloom and handicrafts of the state. Rare craftsmanship, wood craft and bamboo craft can be seen in the craft village.

Dimapur Ao Baptist Church>

Located in the heart of Dimapur is the Dimapur Ao Baptist Church which is a must visit for anyone coming to this place. The church is large enough to house a congregation of around 10,000 members at any point of time. A Sunday Mass at this church is a sight to see when the followers come dressed in traditional and formal attire. The half a century old Church is an architectural masterpiece standing tall and delivering the message of serenity, peace and brotherhood. From a humble beginning in 1958 by two Ao families this has grown to becoming an institution serving the poor and the needy and spreading God's message. Every year during Christmas the church is decorated with lights which add to its grandeur.

Dimapur Jain Temple

Dimapur Jain Temple was built in 1947. The temple is architecturally very well built and has an impressive structure. The temple has some intricate glass work. The temple is considered very auspicious by the people of Dimapur. The temple is located in Jain Temple Road and is surrounded by the SD Jain High School and the Mahavir Bhawan. The Moolnayak of the temple is Lord Mahavira. Dimapur is the business center of Nagaland today and most of the Jain families are settled in Dimapur.

Dimapur Kalibari

Dimapur Kalibari is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali in the town of Dimapur in Nagaland state of India. The temple was built in 1956. Its 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2006 with the launch of various community services like ambulance service and a library.


If you want to get real glimpses of Nagaland in a single village taking a trip to the Diphupar village on the outskirts of Dimapur is highly recommended. This village is about 7 kilometers from the heart of the city. The various tribes which reside in this village include the Angami, Lotha, Chakehsang, Sumi, Sangtam, Ao, Rengma Pouchury and Zeliang among others making it a perfect example of Naga peace and harmony. When you visit this village you will get a glimpse of the similarities and the differences among the various Naga tribes in terms of how they dress, their food habits and even their languages. Don't forget to pick up on some Naga souvenirs during your visit to Diphupar. So if, you can't make a trip to different parts of Nagaland a visit to Diphupar is a must.

Green Park

Green Park is an idyllic recreational spot in Dimapur where nature has abundantly blessed the surroundings. It is a pleasant place to hang out and has a good time with family and friends. The name, Green Park itself signifies that the place is full of greenery. The Green Park is located within the premises of the state Horticulture Nursery and is maintained by the state government. There are lots you can do in the park such as enjoy boating in the lake within the park, have a leisured lunch in the open shaded grounds or even enjoy a sumptuous meal in the restaurant.

Kuki Dolong Village

As the name suggest the village is inhabited by the Kuki tribe one of the oldest tribes in the North East., This place is located 20 kilometres from Dimapur and falls under the Medziphema Tehsil, Dimapur District. Here, you will get a glimpse of the Kuki culture, their rich and vibrant tradition and food habits. Often confused to be a Naga tribe by the general world, Kukis have their own culture and tradition which makes them a distinctive tribe of their own. In the Kuki Dolong village you will see the traditional houses of the Kukis made of bamboo.


Medziphema is one of the popular tourist attractions near Dimapur. It is a sub-division of the Dimapur district. Previously, Medziphema was known as 'Ghaspani' which means 'water from the plant'. Medziphema is placed in a beautiful location, and it lies neither on the hills nor the valleys. Medziphema is situated just 360 meters above sea level. The Medziphema town is surrounded by several villages such as Aoyimkum, Aoyimti and Darogarjan. Medziphema's pineapples are also very famous, and the villages close to the town are known as pineapple villages.

Nagaland Science Centre

This is a different approach to introduce the miracles of science to the society. Nagaland science center is located behind Naga shopping arcade and is promoting creative learning through triumphant approaches. There are three galleries; our sense, fun science and children's corner. Besides, Tara mandal an inflatable dome lets one peak deeper into the sky at night and The science park which has some specially designed exhibits increase the learning tendencies.


Located about 15 kilometres from the city of Dimapur is the village of Nichuguard. Today this place is known by the name of Chumukedima and is known for its biodiversity. If you want to experience the true taste of Nagaland, a trip to this place, a must for you. It is situated in the foothills of the Diphu-Khukhi mountain ranges and was made a Deputy Commissioner's Headquarter in the year 1866. Today you can get the glimpse of 19th century Nagaland and come across dense forests with rare plants and animal species. There is a small waterfalls located in the village which serves as one of the major attractions for the tourists. This village is inhabited by the Angami and Khonoma tribes which are among the largest tribes in Nagaland.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Rangapahar Reserve Forest is famous for its plants variety which is of great medical importance and hence, conserved here for future use. Apart from this, you will find a variety of animals in this place which can only be found here. The variety of bird's too is unique to this reserve and attracts many bird watchers to visit this place. You can find deer, bear, chitals, wild goat and many other animals in this reserve. There are many endangered species conserved in this reserve which are rarely seen by any one and are on the verge of extinction.

Seithekima Village

Seithekima Village is located in the outskirts of Dimapur and is famous for the Triple falls. It is about an hour's drive from the city centre and takes you through a scenic road to this place. As the name suggests the falls is a three-tier waterfall which cascades from a height of 280 feet into an inviting natural pool. It is a perfect destination for the trekkers and the adventure lovers who can also trek up the waterfalls during the winter months when there is relatively lesser water. The Department of Tourism, Nagaland has developed basic amenities for the tourists increasing the appeal of this place. A short ride up the hill will also offer you a enjoyable ride of the Dimapur city.

Shiva Temple

Located in the region of Singrijan and certainly believed that it was built by villagers in 1961. Once, one of the villagers went to the Rangapahar Reserve Forest and found a stone which he sharpened it later with his knife later. He realized that some liquid was released from the stone. Later in his dreams, it was seen that the stone found is Lord Shiva. Sooner then, the villagers started worshipping the stone as Shiva linga.

Triple Falls

Located in Seithekima village and as the name says, these three glistening water streams trickling down from a height of 280 ft to a natural pool looks stunning. The area is maintained by the tourist department of Nagaland. Apart from throbbing hearts of the tourists with its miraculous panorama, the triple falls also serves as an exquisite spot for trekkers.

Zoological Park

Zoological Park, situated around 6 km away from Dimapur, covers an area of around 434.90 acres. The park was established on 28th August 2008 with an aim to spread awareness about the fauna and flora. The park serves as the Conservation Centre for the entire region of Northern India.

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